Are you ready for summer?

Don’t get too excited but it looks like the warmer weather might finally have arrived, and with it should come a whole load of summer fun!

Not only are we all hoping to be out and about a bit more now restrictions are being lifted, but there could be some great opportunities for modelling work.

So now is the time to send Models Direct your application, upload your photographs and update your e-portfolio if you want to maximise your chances of being chosen for assignments!

Summer is always a busy season for modelling shoots – this is when the great British weather becomes its most reliable and we, as a modelling agency, see more bookings than ever.

Our clients take the opportunity of blue skies and sunshine to organise photography and film shoots for their advertising and promotional campaigns.

It is also traditionally a time of year when we are not only sending out models across the UK to take part in assignments, but we often send them abroad too.

This year, with restrictions on foreign travel likely to continue, we are fully expecting some of the work that might have taken place in more exotic climes to go ahead here instead.

Hard as it may be to believe, summer is also the time when many big brands and well-known names start work on their Christmas promotions.

They need to be ready for an autumn start to their campaigns, and this means shooting in the summer.

Finally, it is worth noting, that with the pent-up demand due to the tight working restriction since the start of the pandemic, we are fully expecting a surge in requests over the coming weeks.

Many companies have had to put their plans on hold but are now starting to feel confident about pushing ahead with their projects.

It certainly is an exciting time and it is going to be a summer like no other.

So, of you’d like to be part of the summer fun, then get in touch.

Models Direct would love to hear from you – and to be able to put you forward for the kind of work you would be interested in taking on.