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Models are always looking for news ways to maintain and stay looking their best, huge amounts of money are spent on achieving this goal, however the key to youthful looks is actually FREE!! Models Direct has the answer….

Sleep….very few of us get enough of it! Our lives are so busy and with our phones and tablets by us all the time we are worse than ever at being able to switch off and get the precious sleep we all so need. Models need to to make sure they get lots of sleep, being on assignment requires plenty of energy and of course sleep is a huge beauty boost! The Models Direct team always remind their models to make assure they have an early night before an assignment!

Lack of sleep shows in your face (think about those big dark circles under your eyes), so it is very important for assignments to be fresh faced from a great night’s sleep. Your skin can be improved greatly through sleep, helping improve blemishes or dark circles, also can help your eyes look whiter and brighter too. Sleep is so important, it gives our bodies time to heal, repair and refresh ready for the new day ahead.

Taking your child to an assignment over-tired can also be a trying experience – as behaviour and concentration can be affected. It’s an idea to make sure the nights leading up to an assignment are quiet and you are able to get some early nights in, especially for your child if they have a shoot coming up soon.

School age children should be getting at least 10 hours of sleep a night and teens need between 8 and 9 hours. So it is essential that good bedtime routines are established early. Set cut off times for TV, video, computers and games consoles – as stimulation of this kind before bed can be disruptive and stop a child from falling to sleep quickly. Snacks should be free of artificial stimulants like caffeine (try milk and a biscuit).

Lack of sleep for children not only makes them irritable at home but will also impact on their schooling. Sleep deprivation can easily escalate and can cause illness (as the immune system can be weakened through lack of sleep).

Models Direct’s Top tips include:

Keep regular hours – go to bed and get up at roughly the same time, to establish a routine.

Create a restful sleep environment – cool, dark, quiet bedroom with a comfortable bed.

Exercise – we all know moderate regular exercise is beneficial. But don’t exercise too close to bedtime – it is too stimulating for the body.

Don’t over-indulge – too much food and alcohol late at night can play havoc with sleep patterns.

Try to stop smoking – yes it’s bad for sleep too! Smokers can find it harder to fall asleep, wake more often and experience more sleep disruption.

Relax – establish a bedtime routine, have a warm bath, listen to quiet music, read a book.

Deal with worries – write to do lists to help stop worries preying on your mind and preventing your from falling asleep.

If you can’t sleep – don’t lie and fret about it, GET UP and do something relaxing till you feel tired again.