Happy Galentines Day!

Yes that’s right you read it correctly…..Galentine’s Day!! BFF’s, Sisterhood, Solidarity, Female Empowerment….whatever you want to call it, it seems Valentine’s Day is old hat!

Galentine’s Day is a new one on us at Models Direct head office, with the majority of the team being female we are embracing the celebration of women supporting women and are sharing a bit of love and friendship today in the office – it’s kind of nice!!

Friendships are made in all walks of life, any time and should be celebrated every day! Friends are super important to both males and females, however the dynamics of those friendships between genders can vary greatly. Women tend to celebrate each other and their achievements far more than men do or at least more openly, female empowerment is a huge subject and is promoted heavily across social media also within the modelling industry too.

In commercial and fashion modelling support between models and talent, is really important and something we encourage at Models Direct, it’s a tough, competitive industry, so having ‘like minded’ friends around you is a bonus!

Often models are at castings, photo-shoots, commercial shoots with people they don’t know, this can be very daunting even for the most experienced of models, so if someone reaches out and offers support or a friendly smile it is very much appreciated!

The agents at Models Direct know when sending several models to the same assignment, they are likely to be like minded souls all with the same goals and ambitions, who are about to have to work together, sometimes for long periods of time – strong friendships are often made!

Shoots can be long, with periods of time of waiting around, lunch, or in hair and make up, it’s a good chance to get to know the models you are working with, makes you feel more relaxed, confident and helps with the chemistry in front of the camera also.

After assignments models often mention to the their coordinator at Models Direct that they ‘all went for dinner after the shoot’ or they ‘connected with one of the other models on social media’, or ‘enjoyed travelling home together’, lifelong friendships have been made through the work Models Direct provides – it’s a celebration of one another’s talent and offers an essential support network!

So Galentine’s Day/Valentine’s Day, call it what you like, it’s just another day… you don’t have to be sucked into the media hype or give in to the pressures of buying your loved one gifts, but maybe these highlighted, nominated days are useful to just take a minute and remember how lucky we are to each have our own little support network…our BFF’s!!

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