How can we help you plan your next campaign?

Behind every successful modelling campaign is a hard-working agency, and this fully resonates with Models Direct. In this reading you’ll see how our world looks like when a client reaches out to us, planning for their next campaign. Let’s go!

We’re Models Direct, a multi-discipline talent model agency based in Norfolk that’s been trailblazing marketing campaigns, TV, film and stills productions with world-class talent for the past 30 years. With our combined industry knowledge and expertise to channel the right talent to the right client, we’ve grown to be one of the UK’s most reputable commercial agencies with a vast model database covering a plethora of modelling divisions.

Models Direct are proud of our down to earth, transparent and honest approach that’s more about grit and rolling up our sleeves than glamour. Our forward-thinking method is about seeing the potential in every brief and creating phenomenal projects for clients, whilst respecting the commercial and financial objectives in each assignment. We have a highly committed, passionate team and determined Models Direct booking agents (MDBA’s) who are working on the grounds to make things happen. 

The Models Direct books never close, the door is always open, the coffee machine never stops and we are always ready to secure adorable toddlers for your next print campaign, a wholesome? family to complete your TV commercial, or that gorgeous gal ready to breathe life into your next campaign.

We excel in the unusual, the beautiful, the bold, the inspirational and the bravest of campaigns. Clients get the best of our world-class service and to make it seamless, we’re only a click of a button or push of some digits away.

Building a plan

Our team then get our creative minds together, brainstorming, wrangling pencils and planning our next moves with everyone on board. All opinions, views and knowledge matter and we let this ripple through our team’s exemplary collaboration. Models Direct are happy to roll up our sleeves and get tucked right into every assignment, project, meeting, discussion be it a chat in the hallway, in our boardroom, or in our home office – anything that will help us to drive our client’s vision to success.

Finding the one

After our brainstorming stage, we meticulously select models and talent that our clients have requested so we get it right for them.

We present our potential models to our clients and then it’s time for them to decide who the lucky candidate is. After screening, clients can then see our talent’s e-portfolio or a step up, at a casting and take it from there.

Once that’s complete, our team then get to work with finalising all the details with our client. We work closely with them to understand their brief, their requirements, thoughts, views, ideas, feelings and the intricate details of their campaign so that we can translate their needs to our model. We communicate regularly with our clients, where sometimes adaptations and revisions need to be discussed and relayed. And there you have it – this is how Models Direct plan campaigns.

The final takeaway

Our creative hub of not only utter enthusiasts but experts too are bursting with positive energy, sparkle and hit the ground running every time something pops up revolving around new campaigns. So when a client approaches us for help, we know the drill from start to completion stage to a tee. We’ve had thousands of genuine success stories, model reviews and testimonials that you’re spoilt for choice where to start reading. (We suggest you grab a cuppa, ensure your Wi-Fi is running smoothly and get scrolling!).