How tall do I have to be to model?

If most of us were asked to list the requirements for a model, it is likely we would say “tall, slim and classically beautiful!”

But we would be wrong!

Certainly, there are lots of models working in the industry who conform to that stereotype, especially those who work in fashion modelling and who grace the catwalk.

But the reality today is that modelling is a much broader business than that and it encompasses people of all heights, shapes, sizes and looks.

Models Direct is always keen to hear from models who look like normal people – and normal people have no single look, size or height.

This is because our clients want their advertising, commercials and promotional campaigns to appeal to the general public.

They want those who appear in them to be young, middle aged and old; they want them to be petite and plus-size as well as of an average weight.

They want them to look like the general public because most members of the general public are not tall and slim with classically beautiful looks.

Most of us are completely unique and beautiful in our own individual ways.

So, when it comes to the question of height, there is a simple answer: you can be any height!

At Models Direct, we have baby models, child models, teen models, male models and female models on our books.

And if you were to scan through them you would see a spectrum of varying size figures.

We have children and teenagers who are small for their age and average in height, as well as others who are tall for their age.

And exactly the same can be said for our adult models.

So, the next time someone asks you “how tall do I have to be to be a model?” you know what to say to them.

“Absolutely any height at all!”Find out more about what Models Direct looks for in its models.