Is your child a born superstar?

Do you have a mini supermodel or little superstar on your hands? Are they constantly practicing their modelling poses or singing from the tops of their voices??

If so….. Models Direct team can’t wait to hear from you….

Every parent thinks their child is beautiful, it’s only natural, but what do you do if other people comment often on your child’s looks? Or they have a talent that needs to be recognised? Big brands worldwide are always looking for the next new face in child modelling….is now the right time for your child to get noticed?

With applications from parents of wanna-be child models on the rise, the Models Direct team spend alot of time talking to parents of young babies right through to early teens, getting to know them and understanding why they want to get into the glamorous and exciting world of child modelling!

Models Direct have many years experience in the commercial modelling industry and believe it is very important to understand how an agency works and exactly how they will be representing your child if an offer of representation is made. It’s an incredibly competitive market, so a large percentage of children are not right for it.

Safety is a big consideration for any parent, your child will be promoted to clients once with an agency so it’s important you feel happy with how the agency does this. Models Direct spend time explaining to every parent exactly how the process works with us and every client is vetted thoroughly before viewing any models. Models Direct are NOT a showcase agency, meaning you can not access models information or pictures on the website, model searches are put together for clients by one of the in-house experienced assignment coordinators.

For a child model to really stand out it is great if they have some sort of acting experience, this helps with confidence and the ability to feel comfortable infront of the camera, the Models Direct team will always ask parents if their children have any acting experience or involved in drama or dance classes of any sort.

Every day the Models Direct Coordinators remind parents how essential it is to keep their child’s photographs as up to date as possible, they should be updated atleast every 3 months as children change all the time. With the market being so competitive you need to take this advice on board and ensure your child is being represented with the best pictures, that show their character and personality, don’t hold back – make your child stand out!

Get to know your dedicated model coordinator, they are here for you to talk to as often as you like. Modelling can be a bit of a waiting game and Models Direct understand the frustrations that comes with this, however they endevour to keep you updated through social media, blogs and newsletters with any agency news and helpful tips and advice they can.

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