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Plus-size modelling – your questions answered

At Models Direct we are always happy to answer your questions and address your concerns on any issue to do with our business.

Plus size model on photoshoot
Plus size model on photoshoot

When new models join us, their new point of contact calls them to explain what working for us involves and to shed light on any aspect of the process and the business they would like to know more about.

And there are certain questions that crop up time and time again – and every so often we like to focus on some of these.

Here, we answer some of the questions we are frequently asked concerning plus-size modelling:

Q: I have considered modelling but am larger than average – how much work would there really be for someone of my size?

A: Models Direct is approached for models of all shapes and sizes by its clients – and we are frequently asked for models who are larger than average. This is because in recent times there has been a growing realisation in the industry that advertisers need to appeal to a spectrum of potential consumers and that models must represent the different individuals within our communities. We are all different sizes and therefore plus-size models are among those who are required. We never make any promises to any of our models about how much work we will be able to offer them, but we can tell you that plus-size modelling is a very busy area for us.

Q: What kind of assignments are plus-size models sent on?

A: Almost anything at all is the answer! Clients may require a variety of different models to act as realistic members of the public in their photo shoots – you could therefore be promoting anything from supermarket products to insurance companies, banks and travel agents. Equally, there are often requirements for plus-size models to promote plus-size clothing ranges. As a plus-size person yourself, you will know that more and more high street brands and designers are creating plus-size collections because they know there is strong demand for them.

Q: Because I am above average in size, I am not sure how confident I feel about modelling – is this a problem?

A: We do require all our models of all sizes to feel confident about stepping out in front of a camera. Whatever their shape, we need them to be body confident and proud of who they are. If you are unsure about whether modelling is suitable for you, browse our website, read what some of our other plus-size models have to say and then make a decision. In the meantime, you could always attempt to build your confidence in other ways, such as taking up new hobbies and pastimes like acting or singing perhaps. Plus-size modelling can be an incredibly confidence boosting activity in itself, but you must feel happy in yourself and ready for a new challenge before you begin.

Q: I am considering applying to be a plus-size model but have never modelled before, is this a problem?

A: No! Not at all! Very many of our plus-size models are new to modelling when they join us. All we ask is that you feel ready to attempt something new and will be committed to keeping your e-portfolio up-to-date and attending assignments promptly and with enthusiasm if you are offered and then accept them. When any new model joins us, they are always a little nervous, but once they have been along to a booking or two, they realise just how much fun it can be. Don’t forget, everyone starts out as a beginner!

Q: What should I wear when I take my plus-size modelling e-portfolio photos?

A: Try to wear outfits that you believe reflect you as an individual. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with the photo shoot and be creative in your choices. We need to be able to see your face clearly and like to see full head-to-toe photos. Resist the temptation to cover up too much, but equally ensure you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Remember, when our clients request a plus-size model of certain looks, we will supply them with several people who meet the description. You want to do all you can to stand out, without being completely over the top. Follow our online guides for more tips and advice.