A golden age – why modelling in later life can be so successful

We all know age is just a number and that there is no reason why we can’t keep doing the things we love when we are well into our mature years.

And when it comes to modelling, this could not be closer to the truth.

There is huge demand these days for men and women in their older years to come forward and take up a little modelling once they have retired.

Businesses and brands of all sizes and levels of recognition – from those that are local, right up to the national and international – want to connect with older people.

And to connect with older people they need to have them in their campaigns, promotions and advertisements.

Which is why we at Models Direct are always eager to talk to older men and women who think they might be interested in becoming commercial models.

Senior modelling can be great fun for all sorts of reasons.

Our models in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s tell us they love the challenge of doing something completely different.

They also like to visit places they have never been to before, to meet new people and (of course!) to earn a little extra money.

Two of our older models, Monica and Tony, recently accepted a lifestyle assignment for Models Direct that saw them take part in a shoot in Richmond, London.

Care specialists Elder needed models to represent those they work with on a daily basis – and our models played their parts perfectly.

Both Tony and Monica thoroughly enjoyed the experience and reported back to tell us how it had gone.

Monica said: “This was my first shoot, so I was a bit anxious, but it was very relaxing. The other people on the shoot were very supportive and that helped me to feel relaxed.

“The shoot involved taking still pictures of me doing the day-to-day things residents would be doing in a care home. It was not rushed, which meant I had time to relax.”

And she added: “It was a lovely day – and a lovely picnic lunch was provided!”

Tony also had a wonderful time. He said: “I had a lovely day yesterday doing a stills’ shoot for Gemma of Models Direct.

“Everybody was really friendly; it was really good fun and I have told everyone about it.

“I was playing a patient in a care home, with a carer looking after me. Part of the shoot involved me being given a wonderful massage!

“We all had a lovely picnic lunch, and I got paid – heaven!”

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