Baby it’s cold outside – keeping little ones warm on a modelling shoot

There’s a definite chill in the air and most of us are stepping outside now in a jacket and scarf – and even our winter coats and woollies on occasion!

Mums and dads are already wrapping little ones up when they go off to school or to the park or on other outings.

And would certainly do so if they were heading off to a photoshoot with their baby, toddler or child model at this time of year.

One of the problems with modelling shoots is that they often take place during different seasons to the ones they represent in the photographs.

That is to say, Christmas and winter shoots often occur during the summer months and you may well find that the sunny seaside pictures on your screens have actually been taken in October.

This is because brand promotions and advertising campaigns have to be created, produced and finalised well before the season they depict.

For adult male and female models, this is not usually a problem.

They understand what is required and they know they won’t be kept shivering in their summer clothes for very long.

But for child models, it can be harder to understand and so we ask mums and dads to help keep their little ones warm by following a few simple steps:

*Find out as much as you can about the shoot

Your highly professional contact at Models Direct will explain to you exactly what will happen at the photoshoot and where it will take place. Remember to clarify with them whether it will be inside or out and what your child will be wearing when they are on set.

1 Layer up clothing

We all know it is a good idea to give little ones lots of layers during the autumn and winter months anyway. That way they can peel them off if they are inside somewhere with central heating or add to them if they are out in the cold. Wherever your baby or child model’s shoot is taking place, dress them in lots of layered clothing and put a couple of extra jumpers into your bag.

2 Thermal underwear can also be a good idea

This can be a great trick to keeping warm. Again, ask your contact at Models Direct more about what your youngster will be dressed in for the shoot itself. Whatever they are wearing, you can probably get away with putting them in a thermal vest (this might need to be sleeveless) and possibly even long johns underneath trousers or tights.

3 Bring hats, gloves and scarves

If the shoot is taking place outside, ensure you bring along a warm hat, gloves and scarf. Even if the weather is mild during the shoot, your little one may need to warm up between takes if he or she has been photographed in a t-shirt or top without a jumper. An extra pair of woolly socks might be a good idea too.

4 Pack hot drinks and snacks

Our clients and their production crews take great care of our models and would never put anyone in any danger. They will always ensure models of all ages don’t get too cold. Your child will be given lots of breaks and will certainly have many opportunities to warm up if the shoot is taking place outside. There could well also be snacks and refreshments, which may be hot. But why not bring your own along just in case? A warm milky or juice drink in a flask could help your child to stay warm and you could even bring along a hot snack in a heated lunchbox too.