Making December the Best End to the Year

Wow, doesn’t time fly? Another year is almost done and it feels like these past twelve months have come and gone with a blink of an eye. You can round off the year with a positive end rather than waving it goodbye and never looking back. With the cold weather seeping its way inside, we all might feel a bit gloomy too but Models Direct will give you a few handy tips to making it the best end to 2023 despite the weather. Here are some ideas on how!

Reflect on your achievements

Looking back at the past year, it’s a good time to reflect on your annual accomplishments even if you’ve done so throughout the year. It’s nice to turn around and see what things you were able to achieve in your personal and professional life as a lump sum. This will remind you of how much you’re capable of and what you can do in the future.

If you’re a model or someone who knows one, you can look back on which brands and clients booked you, who you networked with and which other models you teamed up with for assignments. Celebrate your achievements, learn from any setbacks and how you might want to handle any challenges in the future.

Set personal goals for ultimate productivity

Moving forward into 2024, you can set achievable goals to give yourself a clear idea of what you’re hoping for next year. Goal-setting will help give you focus and motivation to grow, personally develop and achieve things, some of which you may have thought were never possible! Maybe you need to remember to update your stats and profile pics online or maybe you want to check in on Models Direct’s job boards to increase your chances of being booked.

Setting up a timetable can aid you to visualise what needs to get done and help use your time more wisely, effectively and productively. Realistic milestones are a good idea which is placed into manageable bite-size chunks on a weekly and monthly basis to help you keep a more practical track of your achievements. See what works best for you and your lifestyle but stock to goals!

Organise your space at home and work

The ending of a year can be a time to remove clutter, and welcome renewal and freshness for the new year. Working inside your home a little at a time (don’t wear yourself out by trying to do everything in a day!!!) is a good way to start. It’s never too late to start the decluttering process, removing unwanted items and getting things done so that you have a more organised outlook in your home setting.
The same outlook can be applied to your workspace. Clearing up unwanted paperwork, stationary and other debris in your office or your work-from-home setting is another way of decluttering and opening a new space for focus, calm and concentration during your work hours.

Show gratitude

Over this year, there might have been someone or a few people that come to mind who have been there for you. Someone who has made a significant impact, big or small but deserves to be recognised and thanked. You can express your gratitude and appreciation by sending them a thank you note or you can go the extra mile and write them a handwritten one!

Give back

Ending the year by giving back to the local or wider community can be a great way of contributing towards a worthy cause. Continue as you move forward into the new year by participating in areas of interest – there are so many charities and initiatives to choose from, it’s quite remarkable how niche particular charities are and how needed they are for the community.

There are so many ways of making December the best end of the year and our Models Direct team has been on it to bring you a few achievable ways of doing this. Make the end year a positive one so that you can look forward to seeing what 2024 has to unfold.