Working on Live TV

Live TV is no joke! When there’s a countdown that you’ll be broadcasted live nationally and maybe internationally, you’ll have to be ready to have all eyes on you with no retakes for blips, bloopers and blunders for real-time action.

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It sounds grilling having to be on cue and ready for all possibilities of going live – nerves, giggles, wardrobe malfunctions, unrehearsed (or even under-rehearsed) conversations, miscommunication, technical glitches, and even the general public’s unpredictability! It can go pretty wrong with a lot of booboos! We really don’t mean to put a damper on things here.

On the flip side though, working as a model on live TV can be a positive experience! Being invited to an assignment where the cameras are rolling invites a different dimension to working in front of the camera that can do retakes (which no one has to know about!)

This type of working environment can be a unique and thrilling experience. Check out how Neri, one of our many live TV models, has got on with past assignments. If you’re called for a live TV assignment, here are some tips to get you ready, whether it’s your first time, second or third.

Preparation is key

Walking on set without being familiar with who and what you’re working with and promoting might be a recipe for disaster. This is why scripts and rehearsals are essential. Being filmed knowing your cues, poses and script will help you hopefully love your live TV performance rather than loathe it.

Be on time

As you know, being live means you can’t wait for anyone. When the studio lights “on air,” the show must go on regardless but you don’t want it to be without you! Make sure you’re on time, if not early, so that the experience starts as smoothly as possible.

Keep an open mind

Real life is being real-time so things can get a little unpredictable when it’s broadcasted. You’ve probably seen it yourself when a presenter has a wardrobe malfunction live on air or a member of the public runs in front of the camera. Unexpected situations happen but it’s good to bear in mind that adjustments might need to be made spontaneously. If you’re unsure about how to manage this, speak to our team and also the client that has booked you. They will brief you on what to do in situations like this.

Keep the team spirit alive

Nature preservation campaign on live tv discussed by reporters team, reading headlines about planting trees to protect the environment. Team presenting news about saving forests program.

Behind the rolling camera is a whole team working hard to make everything on the front end look presentable and appealing. So going into the assignment with a positive attitude, ready for some strong teamwork with your directors, producers, camera operators and other members of the crew is crucial.


Being positive and happy will help you feel confident. It won’t eradicate the nerves completely, but smiling can certainly help. For viewers watching, they’ll feel the happy vibes too. No one wants to see someone look so stern so relax and remember to smile!

Feedback time!

It’s not always a given that you’ll receive feedback about your performance but if you’d like it, do reach out to the client who hired you to see if they can offer any words. This will help you grow and improve the next time you’re called for a live TV performance.

Working as a model on live TV can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. You’ll need to be prepped, on time, keep an open mind and heart, exude positive vibes for a powerful collaboration, smile, be open to feedback and of course, be passionate about what you’re doing! Models Direct hope this has helped you if you’ve booked a live TV gig. Even if you haven’t, you never know what’s around the corner, so why not get ready beforehand?