Film and TV modelling

Ever fancied going from camera to the screen? Does that sound like you? Great! But one step at a time, please.

Many models have progressed in their careers by appearing in TV adverts, documentaries, mainstream TV programmes and even on film, but they all had to start somewhere. If you’re a budding model, that somewhere is Models Direct.

Film and TV modelling is not the most straightforward style of modelling. Directors and producers often have specific requirements when looking for on-screen talent. This applies particularly to actors for lead roles. The key for a model is not to expect landing a lead role based purely on looks – although it probably helped Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp! You might have all the necessary good looks, but screen productions look for acting ability first and foremost. 

On-screen models are useful to TV and film companies. It’s a given that the more famous actors demand the higher salaries, but models wishing to break into this exciting industry can easily start as extras or part-time / secondary roles. Working as an extra is viable as usually no acting experience is necessary; also, extras tend not to partake in any on-screen dialogue. As an extra, you’ll meet many new people on set and slowly build your portfolio. Indeed, there’s nothing stopping you modelling and acting at the same time. Any experience – however trivial – is important and can lead to much bigger things.  

All models should have a certain amount of individuality and confidence. Bring these qualities with you when chosen to appear on-screen. Producers appreciate personality; standing out from the crowd is a valuable trait, so combining looks and personality is a huge advantage. 

Models can spread their wings and don’t have to concentrate on working as an extra. Take TV adverts. The role of a TV advert is simply to capture the audience and sell the product. That’s where models can use their looks, physical characteristics and facial expressions to shine on screen. Some producers look for models with unique features to relate to the product. As a model, don’t assume that everyone is looking for clean-cut models; specific roles demand specific model requirements, so keep an open mind.

Models Direct have lots of TV and film opportunities for the right candidate. Allow us to name-drop a few of our distinguished clients:

  • Sky
  • BBC
  • ITV
  • Two Hats Film
  • Channel 4 (and 5!)
  • Anglia TV
  • Disney

If you’re keen to test your modelling abilities, join us and you could soon be seeing yourself on screen. We’ll do everything from finding work, negotiating fees and checking up with you during and after assignments. Use your confidence and let us do the initial leg-work!

Another Hollywood A-lister, Natalie Portman, was approached by a Revlon agent when she was ten years old, asking her to become a child model. She declined the offer to pursue her now well-known career as an actor. If it wasn’t for a professional taking an interest in her potential as a model, she may never have had the confidence to apply to an acting agency.

There are exceptions. George Lazenby was voted “Top Model of the Year” in 1966, and three years later he fudged his way to play one of the most famous film characters of all time: James Bond. He had no previous acting experience. Modelling, it seemed, was his lifeline.