Modelling in your 30s – a new decade, a new beginning

Have you just turned 30? Or maybe you are well into the decade but are still looking for something new and challenging to add to your life?

Well modelling could certainly be the answer.

Our 30s are often a time when some of us start looking for something new to add a little interest to our lives.

We have finished training or studying by then and are well into careers that may be starting to feel a little routine.

Some of us are working part-time or have even paused our careers to take a break while we raise a family – and may now be looking for something to do for ourselves rather than for everyone else.

Our 30s are also a decade when we still have ample time to start making big changes in our lives if we choose, perhaps considering moving our things in new directions and taking up pastimes we have always wanted to.

It is therefore unsurprising that this is a time many people do take up modelling – male, female and from all sorts of backgrounds, those in their 30s sign up with us in the hope and finding work.

And there is lots of work out there!

At Models Direct, we need people of all ages to take part in assignments for our broad array of national, international and regional clients.

And there are many, many opportunities for those in their 30s.

Just think of all the thirtysomething models and actors you see in advertising campaigns, online promotions and packaging material.

Think of all the 30-year-old women who are required to play the parts of young mums, young professionals and healthcare workers, for example.

And consider the many roles for men in their 30s too – dads, uncles, office workers and sportsmen.

At Models Direct we need women and men in their 30s to fulfil the many requirements of everyday models, the people who play the parts of the normal people, like us.

So much of our work involves sending our models along to these sorts of jobs and as such we need to ensure we have people to meet all descriptions.

So if you are in your 30s and you fancy doing something different then why not join us?

Modelling is fantastic because it can fit it with your family life, it can slot into your working life, and it can bring something new and exciting to your everyday life.

And, of course, with it comes the opportunity to earn a little extra money, and who, in their 30s, is likely to say no to that?