The guide to alternative snacking

We’re always encouraging our models to be proactive, well prepared and to look to the future. Sitting on one’s laurels can often be natural, but it doesn’t reap rewards. Whether it’s keeping an eye on the latest fashions, getting ahead with news stories or refreshing your portfolio, it’s best to stay ahead of the game.

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As we turn our attention to Christmas and the New Year, some of us are already dreading the ubiquitous weight gain associated with over-eating, too much booze and minimal exercise. Whatever, eh? You’ll be able to combat all that in January with new fitness regimes and a stricter diet.

But why wait until the inevitable? We won’t deny anyone from enjoying the festive frivolities, but there are simple ways to change the way you eat to help you through late December and into 2023.

One of the easiest ways to pile on surplus pounds is snacking. We’ve all done it. What’s wrong with the odd biscuit here and a packet of crisps there? Nothing, really, unless the “occasional snacking” evolves into “frequent nibbling”, which is all too easy and can occur subconsciously. Visits to the cookie jar or to the fridge can be habitual, with no reason or logic. It’s not that you’re genuinely hungry, right? It’s more craving (or boredom) than anything. So, what are the alternatives?

The plan to your anti-snacking campaign is…well, to have a plan. Write down a weekly eating schedule if you must, and stick to it. Never do your weekly shopping on an empty stomach, and don’t succumb to the tempting chocolatey treats lined up near the tills. Impromptu food purchases are often unessential ones packed with sugar and saturated fat, so stick to your shopping list and see how you get on for that first difficult week, then take it from there. You’ll soon get into the habit of making wise food purchases.

Did you know that an average human eating one bag of crisps typically gains a stone in weight over a year? We all love crisps, but there are more healthy alternatives such as low sugar corn snacks, wholegrain varieties or baked crisps. It’s not as if there isn’t enough variety!

Here are our four easy snack swaps which, once implemented into your daily diet, can work wonders on your all-round health:

1. Swap sugar-rich yoghurts with a low fat Greek variety. Why not top up vitamin and energy levels by adding berries or other fruit?

2. Got a thirst on? Avoid fizzy drinks loaded with sugar for sparking water, smoothies or just plain tap water with ice and a cheeky slice of lemon. Adults need about 2 litres of water as part of a healthy diet anyway, so why hamper this by reaching for the nearest sugary fizz?

3. Craving chocolate? It’s okay to have a couple of daily squares, but opt for a brand with at least 70% cocoa solids.

4. Biscuits are easy to buy in bulk, and they’ll disappear faster than a Watford FC manager. Try crackers or pitta bread.

It goes without saying that fresh water, fruit and veg are all essential for one’s health. Raw carrots and fruit on-the-go are both excellent snacks. Broccoli is one of the most important types of veg, but if you reel in horror at the sight of this green super-food, put a few florets into a blender with other veg and fruit. You might not even notice the taste, although your body sure will notice the difference.

Don’t leave a change to your snacking until January. Start NOW, and it’ll be a piece of cake come 2023. Okay, that was the wrong phrase! How about “it’ll be a piece of wholemeal bread”?!