Winter photo shoot ideas


Yep, it’s getting a bit nippy out there, isn’t it?

Family models

And the days are getting shorter.

But fear not! For many of us, late autumn and winter are our favourite times of the year. Christmas plays a huge part in our collective merriment, with the New Year providing fresh optimism. We see more of our family, and even our pets get in on the act of present opening! So it’s not all doom and gloom, is it?

Our winter climate gives snap-happy photographers some of the most idyllic atmospheres for outdoor shots. For models, the festive season is the chance to update their portfolios with some stunning winter imagery. It’s imperative that models let us know of any physical changes so our clients have the most accurate representation of your looks. And winter is just as suitable as summer for taking extraordinary photos.

When taking photos, never forget that your face is the most important focal point. Yes, it’d be great to get snow-tipped peaks or alpine-like trees in the background, but don’t let scenery detract from your sparkling eyes, healthy hair or radiant skin. Use the glorious winter light to capture the features that we and our clients want to see. In short, capitalise the vivid radiance of a perfect winter’s day to perfect your eye-catching photos!

Models must adapt and adjust; staleness and clichéd images are not your friend! So, for example, this winter why not try some funky winter poses with your pets. We’re talking about posing with dogs dressed in wintery canine garb, or sitting atop your favourite horse wearing a Santa’s hat. Eye catching or what?

Classic poses are equally desirable. Cute woolly hats, adorable mittens and cosy scarves are always welcome. Take two or three pairs of thick sweaters so you can mix-and-match, and if you feel the urge to wear a Christmas themed jumper then go for it!

Make sure your winter clothes are clean and vibrant, worthy of a magazine or high quality website. Moisturise before an wintery outdoor shoot to reduce dry and chapped skin.
Look after your camera equipment, too, and remember to dry them after use to avoid them freezing over.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for some snow this winter, and not the kind that turns to slush after a few hours! We want thick, pristine snow to capture the essence of winter. Coupled with magnificent light, these conditions are ideal for new portfolio shots. It’s always worthwhile looking at the weather forecast to predict optimum conditions, and some of the best shots can be had at sunrise (just think: salmon-pink skies, clear air, unspoiled snow…wintery perfection!)

Don’t let winter put you off taking new photos. It’s to your advantage (some would say “responsibility”) to keep your portfolio photos up to speed with the seasons. Models are more likely to attract a client’s attention with relevant up-to-date photos, and this winter is your chance to shine.

Keep wrapped up, use the clear winter air and light to make photos work for you. You won’t be disappointed with the results, and hopefully neither will we!