Christmas: Adults are Being Booked

We’re getting ready for another round of winter celebrations!

Models Direct always love this time of year. There’s an excitement tinged with autumnal melancholy as we move on from one season to the next. As autumn recedes, it’s time to take stock: we’ve been getting accustomed to the bizarre weather but it’s also time to look forward…

So, are your stocking fillers, crackers, mince pies, turkey and music playlist all set? We’re ready for this year’s festivities like never before, and our prestigious clients are all chiming in, with their baubles, candy canes and tinsels gloriously adorning their Christmas trees in their marketing campaigns at this special time of the year. Get in the festive spirit and fun (don’t forget those funky jumpers) because Christmas campaigns are soaring and we’ve got a few to tell you about here:

John Lewis’ At Home Christmas Magazine

We called for our star pets for this one and it was a heart-warming and emotive success. Our shining stars Queenie and Honey-Belle were the canine VIPs of this animal-oriented campaign where John Lewis was aiming for plenty of seasonal fun with one of the festive final (but major) celebrations of the year.

TfL’s Cutest Christmas Shoot

Not so long ago we had our client, Transport for London, approach us for family modelling units and we gave them our very best and cutest father and son, and mother and son duo. This was a lovely campaign where lots of Christmas apparel was involved, lots of smiles and good times! Simran and Ace and Dan and Jack were superb on the campaign and had a splendid time marketing the new winter material. You can check out how the photoshoot went right here as we transport you to platforms and seating areas set where the busiest transport system in the world is!

Fun FaceTime with Father Christmas

Who’d have thought one of the assignments we’d be offering our children’s modelling division would mean they’d be face timing Santa? Well, they sure did with Sky Mobile and it made our hearts melt – the kids absolutely loved it! How do we know? Just take a look at the feedback here when you get a chance!

The run-up to Christmas

Maybe Santa’s little elves will be working very, very hard in their secret Norfolk HQ getting assignments ready for you this season. Babies, children, teens, adults, seniors, families, pets, this is just the beginning – climb on board our magical platform and see how we’ll whizz a marketing campaign across to you faster than you can belt out, ‘Ho, Ho, Ho – Merry Christmas.’ Our modelling talent management agency has an eclectic mix of modelling divisions so it’s hard not to watch this space. It’s pretty phenomenal to think that an agency with a give-everyone-a-chance philosophy actually exists, and it’s none other than us, Models Direct. Read more of our blogs and check out our social media platforms to see what’s happening in our world every day. We’re on all of the popular platforms so there’s no excuse not to follow us. We’re looking forward to seeing you all stay connected and in the loop.

Above everything, our MD team wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We’re looking forward to connecting you, our amazing models and our distinguished clients, with more assignments.