Be the best version of you

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

So the old saying goes, but here at Models Direct we like to think that everyone is capable of going that one step further in the goal of self-improvement.

No doubt most models are content in one way or another in the way their careers are shaping up. Some of you might even have exceeded your expectations over the past few months…to which we say, “Good on you!”

However, it’s basic human nature to strive to be better. This progression could take several guises, and sometimes a personal improvement occurs when you least expect it. Whether it’s conquering a challenge or just making a slight alteration in your daily routine (wow – you really did manage to eat your “five-a-day”!), being the best version of you is realistically achievable. It’s just that some people only need a little push in the right direction, whilst others need a kick up the “you know what”.     

No one claims to know everything, and certainly no one is perfect. That said, being the best you can be is a success in its own right, and will have numerous beneficial knock-on effects: more self-esteem, more motivation, more happiness, a healthier mindset…the list is endless.

The decision to be the best you can be starts with someone that you’ll all know well – because that someone is YOU! We’ve talked a lot about what we can do for our models and our clients. Models should already know we’re in the best position to place models in front of renowned clients looking for the best talent in the industry. But it’s not as simple as this. Motivation, drive and steely resolve are essential traits models must possess to progress. Success doesn’t happen overnight, so whilst our booking team are always at the top of their game, it helps immensely for individuals to be confident and determined. That hunger – the desire to not be content with the bare minimums in life – can really only be achieved by an unwavering tenacity and a realistic outlook by you, and no one else.

Models Direct model on recent shoot

Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’ve done everything in your capacity to advance up the rungs of the accomplishment ladder. Don’t worry if you think you’ve been resting too much on your laurels; though we’ve said it’s natural to want to improve, it’s equally common to be happy with the occasional achievement and to leave it at that. But, wait! Could you be doing something more to fulfil your hopes and to tick more boxes? Most probably.

If you haven’t applied with us yet, and you think you’re at the stage where the version of you is primed, ready to go and hungry for success, have a look at our site to get you in the mood (the reviews alone should really whet your appetite!)

If you’re already a model with us, then you’re probably on the right track in the quest of self-awareness and realisation. There’s no reason, however, to push yourself a little further, and we’re with you all the way!

Be yourself, but don’t be satisfied with second or third best. This sentiment is echoed for the younger generation, where many are starting out on their own paths of self-awareness. Behavioural changes are seen more in the transgression from teenager to adult. Mistakes will be made, success will be experienced, there’ll be highs and lows…in short, that’s the rollercoaster of life!

As long as you’re true to yourself and have the desire to learn new things and become better, you won’t go far wrong. Above all, yearn to improve in all aspects of life, and learn to enjoy the ride.