How to stay positive when you are a model

Like any job, there are ups and downs with modelling, but overall it can be an exciting and fun experience – not to mention a chance to earn a little extra money.

But not every model will ever be selected for every job they are put forward for – and because of that it can feel a little demoralising at times.

Here are our top tips for staying positive:

  1. Remember, you may not be right for the assignment

A modelling agency like Models Direct is asked by the client to put a choice of models who meet their exact requirements forward for possible selection. If they ask for a 60-year-old man with red hair, we won’t therefore suggest one of our models who is a 16-year-old, female brunette! So don’t be downcast if you don’t hear that you have been put forward. It may simply be that our clients haven’t been looking for models like you.

  1. Understand that we don’t make the final choice

There is no reason why you may not be one of the models we put forward if our client does request models of your age, gender and general description. If this is the case, we will contact you and check you are interested in the potential assignment. We then show our clients all the e-portfolios of suitable models – but we do ask you to understand that we don’t make the final choice, the client does. You (and we) therefore have to understand that there may be something a little extra about a model that they are looking for – something they know about but we don’t. Again, it is therefore important not to feel too dejected if you don’t get selected.

  1. Try not to take it personally

We understand it can be demoralising not to be selected for an assignment, but it is important to have a clear understanding of how the process works and to realise that the requests we receive from clients are very varied. The only reason you may not be put forward is because clients haven’t requested anyone like you – and the only reason you may not make a final choice is because not everyone will be chosen. Remember, there is no way we would take you on to our books if we didn’t think you could do this!

  1. Do everything you can to help yourself

There are so many things you can do to help yourself succeed as a model. Firstly, make sure you follow our guidance when it comes to taking pictures for your e-portfolio. Then, ensure you update your portfolio regularly, with good quality, suitable images. If you do any work at all that is relevant to modelling, make sure you tell us about it. And let us know if you learn any new skills or gain any other experience that could help you to succeed.

  1. Read the reviews

Finally, have a good browse through the review section of our website. This will reassure you that models of all ages, appearances and backgrounds do get selected for work. Some of them do have to wait a while – something we always explain when to models when they first join us. And we never make any promises to anyone that they will definitely be offered work. But, it is also important to understand that “you have to be in it to win it.” You have to be with us in order to be in with a chance. So do hang in there, do keep your e-portfolio up to date and don’t feel low if work doesn’t come your way. Most of our successful models will tell you they have been exactly where you are now. And, above all, try to stay positive.