What shoots are happening in your area?

Two pairs of eyes are better than one.

As are two pairs of ears!

Which is why all models should keep their eyes peeled and their ears to the ground to maximise modelling opportunities in local areas.

As most of you good people out there know, our booking team works tirelessly to put forward the best talent to our clients. It’s one of our many talents, and we’ll continue to do just that.

But sometimes, it helps us greatly to receive local knowledge. After all, no one is aware of every modelling opportunity, so the more models work with us, the better the outcome: success is often achieved through teamwork, and this is where YOU can play a part in your own success.

If you’re naturally curious, that’s a good start. Taking an interest in what’s occurring in your local catchment area means you’ll likely pick up modelling opportunities without even knowing. Think outside the box – a chance of modelling might drop into your lap without you even putting in the hard yards. Let’s highlight a couple of examples:

1. Your local paper has chosen not to lead with the tedious “Cat stuck up a tree” headline and opted instead to give their readers what they really want. Front page news: “Major TV production company to film new drama in town”. Now, that’s more like it! Your modelling senses should start to tingle, because this could be right up your street.

The first thing you might do is find out what the TV drama is; the second, find out which TV company is making the new programme. Thirdly, if the show is something you would love to be involved in, it’s advantageous to let us know! We can use the referral to book models, as TV / film companies are far more likely to use agency models as extras and walk-ons. It helps to be one step ahead of the pack and – let’s face it – simply calling up the TV company and asking if you can work with them as a model won’t be especially fruitful. We know this, because many of our respected clients are TV and film companies!

Models Direct models on recent local campaign

2. You suspect a high street fashion retail chain is looking for models…especially in the lead up to Christmas. This retail company may be our client already. No matter – if you let us know, we’ll be in a better position to help you and our other models.

We’re a national agency, meaning we don’t restrict our work to specific areas. We can recommend and put forward all kinds of talented models and actors in any corner of the UK – by letting us know of your local shoots or campaigns, you’ll be helping both yourself and other talent.

Modelling opportunities are often on your doorstep. Keep aware, and be open to everything. Some assignments may not float your boat, but we’re all different. The more your ears are to the ground – and your eyes are peeled – the more your local area will become an entertaining hunting ground for modelling opportunities.

Just remember to let us know about them, and we’ll do what we’ve been doing outstandingly well for over 30 years – putting the best modelling talent in front of the best clients!