Plus size modelling

Here at Models Direct HQ, there’s been a big push for plus size models. Most of you will know already that plus size models have always been popular with our clients, although the demand for our plus size talent has boomed of late as a lot of industries look to fulfil their modelling needs with this very important genre of modelling. Big business? You bet it is – and it shows no sign of dwindling.

As our comprehensive client list grows to a number unmatched by any other commercial modelling agency in the country, we know this increase means three things:

1. Our clients can rely on us to put forward the right models for the right modelling assignments.

2. More clients equals even more opportunities for our models. 

3. The demand for plus size models will continue to grow.

Plus size models exemplify a realistic percentage of the UK population. By “realistic”, we mean that clients regularly look for models that many people can easily identify with. Plus size models are embraced to counteract stereotypes: models are not all slim. And why should they? In the lucrative world of commercial modelling – especially – the need for plus size models is highly desirable. That’s right – the need. Many of our assignments require plus size models and plus size models only. So why couldn’t you be one of them?

If you think you have what it takes to display your glorious curves in a professional commercial modelling environment, have a look at the link below to find out more, and apply with us today!

Do you have more than a curvaceous figure to impress us and our illustrious clients? Why not shout about it from the rooftops? There’s nothing wrong with being confident with a multitude of modelling qualities, so let us know what makes you stand out from the rest. For example, if you’re a plus size model with  flawless hands and / or feet, you might be surprised to learn there is a genuine need for you. Why do we know this? Because our clients often ask us for exactly these qualities. If there wasn’t a demand for these types of models, we wouldn’t like to hear from models with superior feet, shapely legs or perfect hands. Expand your limitations and decide if your other qualities can be used in the commercial modelling world. This Models Direct link below should whet your appetite to get yourselves noticed!

Plus size models are not restricted to an age group, and are not gender specific. Males and females, young and old – get in touch with us. Plus size models with unique hairstyles? Plus size models who look “fab-u-lous” in bridal gowns? Pregnant plus size models who are confident displaying their bumps in front of a camera? They’re all vital to the business, and they all have reasons to become Models Direct models if the intention is to succeed. Have a peek to cast your plus size net even wider:  

No one likes tedious, long-winded forms to fill out, so we’ve made our application process as simple as it gets. In just a couple of minutes, your details can be submitted to us here

Sounds too easy? Well, it’s not! It’s really that simple.

Plus size models have everything going for them:

·        Incredibly high demand in the industry.

·        Beautiful figures that the world wants to see.

·        A growing presence.

·        Assorted characteristics that can be utilised alongside a fuller physique.

Now is the time to flaunt your figures and wow us. We’ll put you forward to exciting assignments, which you can accept or decline – it’s up to you!

Go for it!