Junior Modelling – winter trends

Christmas lights, snowball fights and lots of candy – it’s all set to be a fun winter this year for everyone, especially children!

Currently, our eyes and ears are being delighted by popular Christmas programme editions, TV ads and jingles on radio stations and as we walk through shops and malls. It seems like we’re all getting ready for celebrating and putting the difficult year we’ve had in the past (remaining extra cautious and staying safe, no doubt). 

From big kids to small kids, children are getting ready for their nativity plays, Christmas concerts and festive events in their local areas so what better way to get into the Christmas mood than by dressing in the latest winter fashion trends. 

Models Direct take a look at what’s going to keep children warm, cosy and looking seriously fashionable this season. Any junior modelling sensations can use this blog to help get them assignment-ready. Let’s take a look at what’s hot on the high street and in the designer world of kid’s fashion. 

1. Partywear

It’s time to have fun and keeping it fresh (but warm) with the latest winter clothing is the ultimate partywear selection for juniors. You’re spoilt for choice if you want to treat them to some sparkly apparel for your upcoming Christmas bash or get together for New Year’s. 

What’s in? Lots of pink, glitter, sequins, dresses, red checks, bursts of blue, patterns and stripes. The year is very much ending at a busy time for fashion. 

2. Festive clothing 

Christmas isn’t Christmas if what you’re wearing doesn’t include Santa, his reindeers, Christmas trees and presents. What’s even cuter is when children are wearing festive clothing – warm jumpers and thick socks – adorned with snow-filled happiness and fun. If you’re looking out for what to get your little one, look out for the kids’ festive section. It’s super adorable and warm. 

3. Matching festive clothing 

We saw a lot of celebs trending in coordinating clothing, be it the same colour scheme or clothing items (rewind to the days of Jennifer Aniston and her past beau Justin Theroux). Fast forward to 2021 where we’re seeing matching tops, dresses, entire outfits actually! If you pop into the children’s aisle section or scroll online, you’ll see lots of matching apparel that siblings can coordinate with, and mums and dads with their mini-me. That’ll be great for junior models and even family modelling applications and growing portfolios for modelling agencies like Models Direct. 

4. Christmas nightwear 

The final season of the year usually entails snuggling up to a warm electric heater or tucking in with a hot water bottle under a thick duvet that’ll keep you feeling toasty when the winter snap bites. So, it seems like a fitting idea to have a nice set of nightwear on standby, and in this case, a festive designed one. Yes, we know that your child can’t turn up to a casting or assignment like this for marketing campaigns, but they can certainly be snapped and have their images added to their bustling portfolio. 

We hope this blog helped with the winter trends we’ve been seeing for juniors. Share some of their snaps with us and if they’re not already in our modelling books, sign them up today. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and New Year from our Models Direct team.