Calling All Expectant Mums: Maternity Modelling With Models Direct

Congratulations to all expectant mums from the Models Direct team. We know just how exciting and nerve-wracking pregnancy can be – whether it’s your first baby or fifth! With a bundle of joy on its way to you, life won’t be quite like you know it ever again. It’ll be even better than you imagined so what better way to begin your motherhood adventure than to keep reading this blog about maternity modelling

Bonding with your baby-to-be with maternity modelling 

Here at Models Direct we very much love talking (and writing) about modelling. With the modelling world constantly evolving, we know firsthand that there are lots of looks the world wants to see. We’re all different and these wondrous differences are an area our agency wants to translate to consumers so that they can connect with who they see. Brands – big or small – want their consumers to say, “I totally need those maternity leggings, they’re just what my bump needs!” Or, “That pregnant lady looks really comfy lying on that pregnancy pillow – I want one right now!” 

The ladies you’ve seen on the cover or inside of magazines, leaflets, newspapers, billboards, on the silver screen or big screen – basically anything in print or digital – are in fact models. Yup, we know you might be a little gobsmacked but it’s true. Now you’re probably wondering how they managed to get themselves out there and become a model? Well, the process should be an easy one – it most certainly is with Models Direct. All you have to do is sign up using our online application form by filling in your details; send us over a couple of images of yourself and away your application goes. Couldn’t be easier, right?! 

Being a model is a great way to bond with the little human growing inside you. Talking, singing and placing your hands on your bump are all lovely ways for you to connect with your baby, and being a model will usually entail you doing one or all three things with your growing bump! It’s a great way to just focus on you, your baby and how you’re both feeling as a parent. 

Pregnant model to a model mama! 

Pregnant models are always needed for the maternity industry so marketing and advertising campaigns for maternity wear, maternity products, baby gear and so on is always on the cards. The turnover of expectant models is high as they are constantly entering and leaving the maternity market, making room for other models to show off their bump. However, being a pregnant model doesn’t just stop here, it can continue long after birth too, being the perfect stepping stone for new mothers and babies. From being a maternity model they can transform into a model mama whilst propelling their baby’s modelling career! 

With sunnier skies, warmer weather on the way, and the lockdown easing, you might be looking for something interesting to do with your baby-to-be, not just attend pregnancy appointments, groups, classes or massages (once they open up again). If you’re looking for a new part-time experience or opportunity – you’ve come to the right place. Follow the registration steps as mentioned above to get the ball rolling and get yourself in our books. Models Direct have 30 years of experience, yes 30, so we know the industry inside out. We’ll help launch your modelling career – it’s a guarantee. Speak to our professional and friendly team if you want more info, more inspiration or check out our social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram to find out more.