Modelling with Friends

Friends are the sunshine of life’

Having friends is a precious gift especially ones that are there for you not only when things are running smoothly in your life but when you’re going through a bumpy ride. For those of us who are lucky to have a friend or a social network is a wonderful connection that we build with others outside of our family. Nothing beats having a kindred spirit who is on your level, understands your sense of humour and is non-judgmental. Ultimately, everyone needs a friend no matter what their age is. Valuing friends can help build compassion, empathy and concern for those who we care for.

Why is having friends important?

There are many benefits of having good friends. Here is a roundup of how friends can influence you positively! They can help by:

  1. Reducing loneliness and isolation 
  2. Giving you a sense of belonging
  3. Providing emotional support at difficult times
  4. Helping to increase your social network
  5. Lowering stress and anxiety

Last year was a tough one! We weren’t able to meet our friends at the beginning of the first lockdown and when things started to ease, we were told to still socially distance until restrictions were lifted furthermore, only for it to be put back in place two times thereafter. We have really missed our friends! Seeing them in person, and even hugging them has become a hurdle. 

As we move further into the year, some of us might be thinking of ways to get back into socialising since it has been such a long time. Becoming a model can be a great way to earn some income whilst meeting new people along the way, networking and making lasting friendships with co-workers. Ever thought about becoming one? Or know someone who would make a perfect model?

Our current models often talk about making new friends on set with like-minded people and have recommended their friends to our agency too! They sometimes have had assignments that have run for a few days or collaborated with the same models on previous projects, adding to the familiarity and opportunity of forming friendships. The pandemic hasn’t stopped our models from being booked and being called for assignments. Why? Because our models can still work whilst following the social distancing guidelines.  

Read the latest scoop from our models 

Our modelling talent always has something positive to say about socialising with other models and working with collaborative and supportive production teams. You can explore their comments right here to get a lowdown on socialising in the modelling world!

Our ethos

At Models Direct, our agency is open to everyone who wants to have a shot at being a model. It isn’t as restrictive as you may think – we welcome everyone, of any age, gender, weight, height, culture or ethnic background. We embrace everyone to give a fair representation of our population. We’re dynamic, productive and above all know all the insider information when it comes to the modelling world. We’re experts with 30 years behind us and we continue to innovate, expand and learn more to further ourselves, help propel our models to achieve stardom and create strong relationships with our clients. If you’re looking to meet more people, forge strong friendships and have the chance of earning some income, get in touch with our team today!