How can modelling be full time/flexible?

“Every time you acquire a new interest, even more, a new accomplishment, you increase your power of life.” – William Lyon Phelps, US author and public speaker.

How flexible are you?

This question is not only asked by yoga instructors! Every model should ask themselves the same question, in a bid to securing more work – both in variety and location.

It’s only natural that certain assignments are unsuitable for some, whilst other bookings are ideal for others. We won’t touch on the age of a model, or their gender. This blog concerns the logistics of modelling work, and how models should help themselves in their career.

Here at Models Direct, we like to give modelling opportunities to a broad spectrum of individuals. When a model is signed with us, we’re able to put models forward for work just about anywhere in the UK. As a top modelling agency with heaps of experience, we’re not restricted to local bookings like many other agencies. We’re flexible, and our clients know this.

But let’s return to the original question: how flexible are you?

Certainly, a larger proportion of workers have been using their new-found flexibility to their advantage (and to their employers’ advantage!). Who knows how long home-working will last? That depends on the individual employers, we suppose. What companies have learnt during COVID times is that employees can work effectively without the morning commute. In fact, greater flexibility afforded by largely unregimented hours has proven a welcome tonic: workers save petrol money / travel fares and a few hours per week, all the while maintaining productivity. Flexibility works! (for the time being, at least).

When it comes to modelling careers, flexibility has never been so important. As stated, we’re an accommodating modelling agency with some of the best clients in the industry. However, a critical point which all models should bear in mind is that models should be realistic, cooperative and adaptive. Consider the following:

·       Models need to be committed. Sure, our models can select the assignments that work best for them, but a little bit of leeway works wonders!

·       The final say is down to our clients. Our fabulous booking team takes in all the information about the job and our models, with the end result putting the best models forward for the positions. However, work cannot be guaranteed, and it’s ultimately our client’s final decision.

·       All models have the best chance of exciting work when they’re signed on at a respectable agency. We have contacts and experience, and placing models in well-paid jobs is what we do best!

The thought of full time modelling work is a mouth-watering prospect. There’s nothing wrong with ambition! But being realistic is one of a model’s greatest strengths. We’re not biased when stating an agency is the best way for models to display their talents in varied jobs; that’s why we have a growing list of clients, and regularly receive glowing feedback. But the emphasis on full time work is often on the model. This quote sums up a model’s ambition of full time work:

“You only get out what you put in. Don’t expect more until you do more.”

Of course, this quote could apply to anyone in any forms of life. As a model, it should apply to all; the booking procedure is a two-way process, after all. Modelling work can be full time. But it’s mainly dependent on the model. We’re hard working, and we appreciate like-minded models with the drive to succeed. One-off assignments are a “feather in the cap”, but why not strive to go one or two better and enjoy numerous jobs? This takes flexibility and commitment; be enthusiastic and the rewards will come!

Models need to be open to all bookings, but it’s up to them whether the booking is suitable. Travel plays a large part –  undoubtedly – and we understand this. That’s why we pay expenses!

So, the answer to the question “How flexible are you?” can only really be answered by the model – that’s you! Be open-minded, strive for success, be compliant and cooperative, and you’ll give yourself the best chance of full time work. Failing this, be satisfied with some of the best modelling jobs we’re able to offer and keep at it. Regular work may just be around the corner