How much can a commercial model earn?

The prospects of becoming a model can be exciting but nerve-wracking. Like with anything new, dipping your toes into modelling can open a world of opportunities and encourage a healthy work-life balance. Modelling is one of those flexible, quirky and unusual professions you might want to explore further and turn into something more tangible rather than just being a daydream. 

Being a professional model means that you’ll be able to work around your other commitments – be it permanent work or family – making it something you’ll be able to supplement around your lifestyle. In addition to this, the choice is always yours whether you want to accept or withdraw from a modelling assignment, making this career even more attractive. 

If you’re thinking about becoming a model, you’re probably wondering how much you’ll earn (and rightly so!). Paid work is one of the top criteria new employees look for when career hunting. With our leading talent and modelling agency, Models Direct, we ensure that our models get paid the best fees for their time, every time. This extends to baby models and star pets too, so if you have a little one or a fluffy companion, they’ll get paid for their modelling skills too! 

And what’s great about our setup as a top UK company is that we communicate with our models about the rate before the modelling assignment is officially accepted. This is so that we’re all clear about how much our models will earn for the particular assignment. As an agency we take pre-payment from all our clients, that way we can garuntee to pay our models within 5 days from the assignment – no more waiting to get paid!!  

Some of our commercial models have earned anything from £150 for a day’s worth of work, which quite frankly is incredible to £1000’s. The variation in fees is dependent on our client’s budget and the nature of the assignment. Sometimes, our model’s level of experience also helps to shape the rate of the modelling fees. Ultimately, there are a few variables that can determine the scale of the payment but as always, we ensure our models get the best and fairest rate.

We want to make it crystal clear that we never expect our models to pay us a booking fee when selected for an assignment. You’ll be glad to hear that this is not the case at all! We don’t take, we give back and our services have always followed this ethos. Our negotiation and payment process is straightforward and seamless from start to finish, this is how we roll, having been in the industry for over 30 years now. 

Our agency always wants to be a few steps ahead of all our processes so that we give our models the best experience (where you can have a sneak peek and read their wonderful reviews) and our clients the professionalism of our modelling services.

If this sounds like something that’s right up your street; you’re ready for a new challenge this year or you want to experience the world through the eyes of a model, get in touch with our supportive and collaborative team today. Don’t hold it off and let those procrastinating thoughts creep in to sway and deter you. You hold the key to gain enriching life opportunities, all you have to do is unlock the door with Models Direct.