What could I earn as a commercial model?

There are different reasons why someone would want to become a model. Perhaps the assignments are conveniently booked around their domestic responsibilities, or they live close to excellent transport links – thus handy to report on time for their work. Maybe the initial work is a stepping stone for more employment in the industry. Or possibly the main factor is because modelling can be fun.

Whatever the intention or motive, a model will be paid for their time (only if the agency / client is reputable!). And we’re not ignoring animals or babies – they’re just as valuable and demand fees, too.

We try to acquire the best fees for our models because it makes good business sense – and we respect the fact models should be rewarded fairly for their continued commitment to the cause.

Earnings will vary. That is to say, there isn’t a “standard” model wage, whether it’s for a family photo shoot, a one-off assignment for a female fashion catalogue, or a two day contract with a local government. However, we can quote some genuine figures and clients if you’d like to earn money as a model, just to give you a general picture of some of our model’s fees.

  • Josephine, NHS, one day, posing as a nurse – £200
  • Vickie, one of our child models, shooting for five days for Welsh TV show – £460
  • Duchess the cat, advertising campaign – £600
  • Norman, photo shoot for DWP – £130
  • Janelle – NHS video shoot – £366
  • Kristina, eight facials for L’Occitane – £158
  • Isaac, music video extra – £292
  • Nelson the bulldog – £196
  • Steve, modelling for Inspired Homes – £146
  • Shu, hand model holding babies, £186
  • Casey, baby modelling – £100

The last model on the list, Casey, was 14 months of age. His mother, Melissa, was delighted with her son’s debut modelling assignment. As she later told us, “Casey really enjoyed his first filming experience – the clients were really patient and understanding of his needs as a baby. Casey liked all the attention and was happy enough to be in his cot and car seat with the film running and us all pulling funny faces at him! I would definitely recommend both the experience and working with the professionals at Models Direct.”

So, the broad spectrum of wages depends on the client, the length of the job, the location and the actual work itself. In fact, some models can earn up to several hundred pounds per day…sometimes with free refreshments and lunch! Also, some of the above examples lasted a matter of four-five hours – and it’s not unheard of for a modelling shoot to last just an hour!

Some modelling fees depend on the model’s experience, persistence and resourcefulness. We don’t require any experience for our models, but often the higher fees are negotiated for the more experienced individuals. Therefore, whilst all our assignments are enjoyable and paid, you should be willing to undertake more assignments if you’re looking to attract the higher fees. It must be stated clearly that many of our prestigious and higher profile jobs come with client disclaimers, so in these instances we cannot quote fees. 

An advantage of working as a Models Direct model is that we agree a fee with our models before the assignment is accepted. When our models have finished their job, we collect the fee from our client, retain our booking fee, and send you your modelling fee – simple! We even take photos of our models, happily holding their pay cheque! See for yourself.

Modelling is one of the best ways to supplement a monthly income. Many of our top models have full-time jobs, so the flexibility of choosing work with us is very appealing. Click here for more reviews from our wonderful models.

If you’d like become a model with us, have fun, and earn a nice little earner, please click here and a member of our friendly team will talk to you about your modelling opportunities.