It’s peak season for model booking agents…

Here’s a scenario most people won’t find themselves in (but we can all dream): You’re the Founder / CEO of a fashion brand. Congratulations!

Before you start on the celebratory champers, this is strictly theoretical – unless, of course, you really are a CEO. Whether real or hypothetical, think about what the summer of 2021 could mean to you, your business, and to your employees. It’s a year of new hope, ambition, sales, innovative styles and fresh opportunities.

Here at Models Direct HQ, we don’t have to (or want to!) dwell on the reasons why last year was extraordinary for all the wrong reasons. We all should look to the future – and look forward to seeing friends and restoring some much-needed familiarity to our (hopefully) busy lives.

So let’s continue with this wave of optimism!

Summer is fast approaching, so if you were a company CEO, how could you make the next few months beneficial for your business? Create new brands? Offer tempting discounts? Whatever you’d do to achieve success, all companies are largely in the same boat – and all the metaphorical boats have been given a fresh lick of paint and are chomping at the bit to set sail again for another busy season.

Yep, summer is always a massively productive time of the year for business. In fact, summer is our busiest time, with companies reaching out for models to star in imaginative modelling assignments in a bid to get their message across to consumers.

And we’re not just talking about fashion, of course. The past year has been mostly barren for everyone, so all manner of companies and organisations want to let people know they are back with a bang in line with diminishing COVID infection rates. This summer really could be the most beneficial in recent years for commerce. It’ll certainly be one of the most memorable.  

Now please take off your CEO hat and replace it with modelling shoes. Whether you want to start modelling after toying with the idea, or have tasted success with us before, you should have high expectations for the “Summer of ‘21”. We recommend you stick to these four helpful tips to make the most of your modelling career for this summer;

1. Take a revised look at the sections on our website. This will refresh your mind and rekindle some information that may have been lost during the now notorious 2020. Yes, the modelling industry continued to thrive last year, but as we’re expecting 2021 to be a super busy one, reading up on modelling will get you in the mood for future modelling jobs.

2. Remember – clients will want to make up for last year, so there’ll be more opportunities for models. If you’re new to the industry, be positive. Why can’t it be you?

3. Have a look at your portfolio, and update as necessary. Be accurate, be proactive…but more than anything, be relevant!

4. THIS IS CRUCIAL – Have your looks changed since last year? If they have, remember to supply us with new photos. If you don’t look anything like an out-of-date photo would suggest, how can our clients be confident in securing the right models?

This may be the peak season for modelling shoots, but consider it a peak season for your talents, too! Dive into this summer with confidence, and we look forward to helping you once again achieve modelling success!