Don’t let disabilities stop you

In the UK, there are more people with disabilities than there are dog owners. This is quite astounding.

If we can take anything from this statement it’s this: disabilities are common. Depending on the severity of the impairment – whether it’s physical or mental – there are plenty of opportunities for models looking to add another victory to their list of achievements.

For a number of years, diversity has been more “all inclusive”. This can be observed in an increase in the number of disabled people in the workforce, and across all media channels, from TV and film, to appearances in promotions and adverts.

From a modelling perspective, Models Direct has a plethora of success stories where disabled models have been chosen specifically for important modelling campaigns to get the right message across. While a lot of our clients need models for commercials to increase sales, profits are not the only motive behind asking disabled models to appear in advertising campaigns. For instance, local and national governments may need a person with a disability to increase awareness – even to a small audience. Raising awareness succeeds even if just one person understands the message. And disabled models are perfect for the job!

We’re proud to offer everyone the same opportunities, but the variety of available modelling jobs dictates that not everyone is suitable for each assignment. This doesn’t just apply to talented individuals with disabilities; some clients explicitly ask for models of a certain age or gender. However, we promote the fact that everyone should have an equal entitlement to put their skill base to good use in the modelling industry.

At the core of our work are two values:

1. Talented people with disabilities shouldn’t be pigeonholed to promote certain brands or products.  

2. Moreover, those with disabilities can be far more valuable than others – which is why we champion all kinds of models for exciting work across the UK.

Sometimes, all it takes for anyone to “take the plunge” is a smidgen of self-belief. There are plenty of people with disabilities who have confidence, and so they should. Sometimes, though, the opportunities for them are not as apparent as those with someone without disabilities. Fortunately, Models Direct caters for anyone with the desire to become a model. If you need a little push, have a peek at our blog below about confidence:

Blog post

A lot of big-name brands have turned to disabled models to help them in their advertising campaigns, and we can only salute them. But are there enough disabled models in the media spotlight? That could be a matter of opinion, but the amount of disabled models out there is certainly encouraging. Our blog below further highlights some our models’ success:

The general perception of models is also changing. Read the following blog in support of our support  of diversity.

Get in touch with us to see how your disability could prove no obstacle as a model. It might open doors you didn’t know existed!