Get Ready for the Latest Beauty Trends of Summer ’21

We’ve been really patient and done so well to get through a tough winter that there is FINALLY light at the end of the tunnel. We will hopefully be able to socialise with our family and friends very soon (yay!) and we’re getting for the best summer ever! And what better way to reenter the world than to check out the latest beauty trends for this year’s summer so that we can look and feel our best when seeing everyone again. 

So, we thought we’d help out here at Models Direct as we have some great inside scoop on those beauty trends for our lovely readers. For any models out there reading this, our list of trends is perfect to know when preparing yourself for any upcoming beauty campaigns too. Read on!

Less is MORE this year

When it comes to this year’s beauty, it’s a blast from the past with a modern twist. Think Beverly Hills 90210 and if that’s too far back for you then the Spice Girls! This year it’s about less is more. Enough of caking it on with false lashes, it’s all about quality, not quantity. Say hello to the more natural look. 

  1. Fresh Skin

The first beauty trend we want to let you in on is fresh skin. This one is a popular, classic look that’s here to stay. We want to go back into the world with great looking skin, boosting our confidence and self-esteem. When you’ve got a clear complexion to work with, you won’t need a lot of makeup to lift and illuminate the skin. Not only this but makeup will tend to sit better so it’s important to take care of your skin regardless of your age. Our top tip: focus on proper cleansing, exfoliation and moisturisation, and using SPF! This couldn’t be emphasised enough, you’ll want your skin glowing in the sun whilst being protected from its damaging and harmful rays. 

  1. Striking Eyes

The next beauty trend is dedicated to the eyes. They are usually the first point of the human face that captivates us so it makes sense that the latest trend focuses on making them prominent and bold. Layer and lengthen those lashes with a lot of mascara (using a mascara primer can enhance the effect successfully). The world will love to see you flutter those lashes! And for all the budding models out there, they’ll look fab when you’re taking snaps for your modelling portfolio or online presence – clients may like to know your look better if they’ve selected you for their campaign.

Eyeliner will never go out of fashion so head over to Instagram for some must-have handy inspo. See what other Instagram users are trending but ultimately make it your style with eyeliner depending on your eye shape and which colours suit you best.  

Finally, the colour scheme this year is following in line with the natural look so a wide range of earthy tones and browns are being opted for. Create a subtle but warm look with hues such as sand shades, matt brown and even burgundy. 

  1. Brown Lips

Yes, it’s back – the brown lip look. Using a brown lip liner with a warm or cool undertone will be a great way to start your look. You can use the same pencil to fill them in or opt for a shiny lipgloss or lipstick to create the style. This hue was famous in the Spice Girls and All Saints era, why not take a trip down memory lane and capture it on your next modelling assignment?

The Round-Up

Keeping it lightweight and natural this year is the latest theme for 2021. With summer approaching, we can ready ourselves by experimenting with new looks as well as ones we’re comfortable with. Here’s to a better and safer year!