Combat those winter blues

But fear not, readers! You needn’t be depressed just because the nights are drawing in and the days getting shorter. Some people actually prefer winter.  Any season is great for models to update their portfolios, and winter can provide sensational backgrounds for the perfect picture. Use the weather and landscapes to your advantage. Think of winter as a colder friend to the spring and summer; it’s not so daunting, and the scenery can be exactly what some models are looking for.

Multi-ethnic group of joyful hip-hop dancers holding hands and jumping high in the air, interior of spacious dance hall on background

But what if you’re exactly the type of person that dreads winter? Do you find it difficult to get up in the mornings when it’s still dark, preferring instead to cower beneath the duvet covers? It’s a temptation that many have experienced, but it needn’t be that way. Yes, the weather is sometimes grim in the UK from December – February, and it’s a far cry from summer holidays or frolicking in the spring meadows.

There are plenty of ways to make winter more pleasurable. Read on to find out how you can whizz through winter this year without the merest of a scowl.  

1. Get up earlier. Sounds horrible? Not at all. Springing out of bed half an hour earlier than your usual time can be hugely beneficial for all sorts of reasons. Some of us go as far as to call this simple feat an achievement in itself. Just think of what chores can be done with an extra few morning minutes, giving you more time in the evening to enjoy yourself.

On the subject of sleep, don’t be tempted to hit the snooze button. Fragmented sleep is not good, and can alter your body clock vastly, which in turn can affect your mood throughout the day. Regular, consistent sleep is the way forward, particularly in winter.  

2. Be physically active. If you enjoy running during warmer climes, there are plenty of activities to be involved in. Badminton, squash and boxing are three top indoor sports that tend to increase in popularity in winter. Sports are sociable and evidently beneficial for fitness. Plus, after a few weeks you’ll be exactly what we’re looking for whenever a sport model vacancy needs to be filled.

3. Be mentally active. Draw together the curtains and indulge in quizzes, crosswords and Sudoku. Alternatively, settle down for one of the nation’s favourite pastimes – reading. There really isn’t anything than an engrossing book. Even if you’re not a huge reader, winter is the ideal time to become one. On that subject, if you’ve had aspirations of writing you’re first novel, winter gives you no excuses.

Walk alone in the snow-covered forest

4. Get outside. Even if it’s raining or decidedly cold, staying at home for countless days will bring your mood down. Replace darker colours at home with more upbeat brighter hues. It’s a small enhancement but worth it.

5. Don’t binge. Winter can bring out bad habits. Again, it’s tempting, but don’t succumb to eating poorly. Supplement your diet with vegetables and fruit, and avoid high-fat foodstuffs that make you feel happy for an hour; getting through the winter is a long-term exercise. And just think how good you’ll feel come springtime in a couple of months.

Different people have various tricks to get through winter. Whether you have the winter blues is in your own hands. A small change in lifestyle can reap huge rewards. Stay safe, stay warm, and embrace the winter with both mittens.