Happy New Year

Yes, another new year and another new start! We’re looking forward to what 2024 brings us.

Doesn’t it feel like we were welcoming 2023 only yesterday? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, we’re there with you! Time is whizzing past us and honestly, it’s a bit scary to think that the clock is ticking regardless of whether you’re busy or not. However, as a new year kick-starts, plenty of us might be thinking about what we want out of this year in comparison to its predecessors.

If you haven’t tried goal-setting yet, now might be the time. This could be daily, weekly, monthly or all of those combined to help you keep on track with what you want to achieve. Models Direct will look into how you can make the new start a productive one.

Setting clear goals

You’ll see gorgeously designed goal-setting diaries lit on shelves and online inviting you to grab a pen and scribble in your dreams. If this isn’t your thing, you can buy or better still create your own personalised planner. Begin your journey with what works for you – post-it notes or goal tracker apps on your device so it’s with you when you’re on the go.

How can you go about extracting the most out of your goals?

Bite-sized goals

Breaking your goals down into manageable chunks can make them more easy to tackle. This is how we do it at MD HQ too. Since we have thousands of models on our books and clients regularly contacting us we manage our schedule and workload so it once productively and smoothly. If you’re a model chances are you have a busy schedule too. Whether that’s managing the school run and your child model or family modelling tribe or working full time and squeezing in an assignment as a female model or studying at uni and securing a male modelling gig. You will benefit from time management so you can achieve your goals.

Keeping upbeat

Asian, african american and caucasian group of friends dancing at apartment party, celebrating their friendship. Multiethnic colleagues doing energetic dance moves on bouncy music, close up

Life can have a giant snowball effect and plough us under with too many others to do things. You know what we mean. The main takeaway is to keep positive and stay upbeat. You get it done if you keep positive.

Celebrate your successes

It can be tempting to push your achievements to one side and continue as you mean to go on. However big or small achievements are, they should always be celebrated so that you can recognise all the hard work and effort you put into making your goal come to life. Grab your favourite drink eat your favourite meal or go out and meet family and friends to celebrate together.

On a final note:

Happy New Year to all of our lovely readers, many, many thanks for staying with us, reading our content and staying connected with our world.

Love the MD team x