Making the Most of Winter Light in Photos

With the blistering cold snap looming ahead, enjoying the plummeting winter temperatures can be a little unconvincing. We know how important it is to have a positive mindset and make the most out of every situation. Models Direct are looking at how to utilise the incredible winter light in modelling photos. Illuminate your pics with a unique glow and a magical feeling that you can only capture during the winter season.

Look out for the ‘Golden Hour’

Getting your timings right can mean you create amazing images that pick up the soft, warm light shortly after sunrise and before sunset. It’s easy not to miss these times thanks to online search engines. Pop them into your phone as a reminder. This is one not to miss!

Blue hour

Even though it’s not an hour like its famous ‘golden hour’ buddy, blue hour is still one to watch. It’s about 20 to 30 minutes after the sunset and the same amount before sunrise when the atmosphere generally turns to a deep, dark blue colour but can also take on orange, yellow, pink and purple hues. Setting this up as your backdrop for portfolio winter images will make them look in tune with the season and incredible!

Reflective surfaces

Are you thinking of snow, because we are! Snow is a great medium to bounce light off of and create depth for you or your family model’s snaps. It helps you to pop out and glow with its soft diffused elements creating a touch of iridescence.


Having the main light coming from behind you can bring a beautiful sparkle into your images. There’s no hard and fast rule on how you source it. It could be natural sources such as the sun or moon, or ambient windows, doorways or lamps that lift the light as a perfect background fixture.

Incorporate festive lights

Winter bursts with delightful celebrations such as Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. If you’re looking for that winter light, using festive lights indoors and outdoors is great to include in your portfolio edit.

Long shadows and silhouettes

Look out for long shadows to add some depth and drama to make your images look more dramatic. Another nice way to add dimensions is to capture outlines. The winter months are a great time for both these valuable features with the glowing light being the perfect starting point to build on.

If you’re looking to kick-start, revamp or fire up your portfolio but your thermometer isn’t making it past 2 degrees daytime, you can still snap amazing pics. Whether you’ve got a baby, a child model, you’re a lone ranger, you’re part of a family modelling squad or you’re a body part model, you can get amazing images using the winter light.