Models and would-be models, we are on the countdown to Christmas!

It is hard to believe but we have entered the final quarter on 2023 and are on the countdown to Christmas.

So what does this mean?

It represents a great opportunity to get all those jobs we’ve been putting off done and to prepare ourselves for the new year.

Those of us already signed up to Models Direct might like to put updating our e-portfolio to the top of that To Do List.

We could get out and about in the beautiful autumn sunshine and ask a friend or family member to take some new photos of us.

We need to make sure any images that are uploaded really do represent us as we look now, with new hairstyles and colour and anything else that might have changed about our image.

We also need to be sure that all other information on there is correct and up-to-date.

These who have not signed up, might wish to consider filling in our form and waiting to be contacted by a member of a team.

They will explain much more about our processes and then you can decide whether you would like to be on our books for 2024.

Don’t forget to read the reviews from our existing models and flick through this website and our blogs to gain more of an idea of how we work.

This is also the time of year we might want to start thinking about having an autumn clear out before Christmas arrives.

We might wish to declutter our homes, flats, bedrooms and even places of work.

We may even decide to do a little decorating before Christmas or perhaps freshen things up with one or two accessories.

Some of us may wish to begin a health, wellness or fitness makeover, bringing in a few lifestyle changes, such as improved eating, more exercise and perhaps thinking about what might make us feel happy and fulfilled.

The new year should be an exciting time and these last weeks before Christmas provide a great opportunity to prepare ourselves.

So, as the countdown begins, let’s grab a notebook and pen, find a few quiet moments to ourselves and set a few gentle goals that we know really are achievable.