How to create the perfect Summer makeup look

Summer is calling so get ready to match your skincare and makeup to the warm weather.

This year is speeding along so quickly that we haven’t had the chance to stop and smell the roses. Now that the pandemic restrictions are beginning to ease, we can experiment with new summer beauty trends that will last us throughout the warmer weeks ahead. 

For any of our models reading this, you may already be familiar with what’s hot at the moment, but if not Models Direct have done the hard work so you don’t have to – we’ve compiled the current and easiest beauty looks you can achieve so that you can inspire others too. We’re also adding a little extra on how best to take care of your skin during the hot months. Let’s go!

Go bold with red

You can’t go wrong with the classic red lip – think Marilyn Monroe through to Zendaya’s collab with Lancome. This look is set to never outdated; transcend through all seasons and times of the day making it the perfect trend to kick-start summer vibes with. Keeping the eyes basic so that all the focus is on the lips will emphasise your look. Go big with the red lip trend. This will be great when capturing the new you on camera especially if you’re looking to add a current snap to your thriving modelling portfolio. And if it’s your first image, you’ll be off to a good start. 

Glow with green

Green is the makeup colour of this season. We are known for being eco-friendly and sustainable beings, and now we’re incorporating green pigment into our makeup palette. Showing this colour hero off right where it won’t get unnoticed – on the eyes – is the aim of the game. Regardless of your eye colour, go big with this current beauty trend. Check out Emma Roberts’ gorgeous greens.

Creative graphic liner 

The winged liner has been going strong but if you want something more funky and creative then the graphic liner is the answer. It’s bold, fun and colourful which is bound to turn heads. Great for any time of the day and any occasion, get practising with this winning winged look! For inspo, check out Lucy Boynton and modelling sensation Gigi Hadid.

Now, we’re moving onto the perfect skincare routine so that you can prep your skin before you try out the trends we’ve mentioned. You can practise this regime day or night. Our busy models know how time is precious and grabbing any opportunity to implement this is so worth it as it does take time to perfect. You’re probably already familiar with the steps but what skincare routine do we recommend as an agency?

  1. Identify your skin type
  2. Cleanse 
  3. Moisturise 
  4. Apply SPF 

It’s good to know if you have normal, combination, oily, dry or sensitive skin. You know where you stand and which types of products will be more suited to your skin. It is trial and error and not every product will work for you as they do for others. Reading product reviews is always a good idea. 

Cleansing and moisturising your skin with products that steer clear from parabens, colours, and other nasty ingredients are good for your skin (and also the environment – so win-win!). Ethically sourced ingredients and cruelty-free products are more accessible now so there are no excuses people!

Finally, it’s essential to apply SPF at the start of the day (and top it up throughout) to protect your skin from the damaging UVA/UVB rays which can cause premature ageing. It might sound like quite a bit to keep up with, but once you get started, hopefully, it’ll become like second nature where nourishing your skin will be an essential part of your day. 

So, enjoy trying out the new summer trends and skincare regime and let us know how you get on!