Tips to looking your best on UK beaches this Summer

We’ve all been waiting so long for the summer – and now it is finally here, many people will be hoping to get to the seaside for at least a day or two!

It was a long hard winter and, even though most of us won’t be going abroad this month, we certainly deserve a few days off if possible.

Many of us will be holidaying in the UK or, if not managing to get away for a break, at least planning some fun day trips out.

And what could be a better treat than heading off to the coast for some sand, sea and sunshine – but how do we dress for the UK weather?

UK beaches have so much to offer, from the wilder, sandy stretches, which are backed by rolling dunes and tend to be less popular to our traditional resorts.

These fun-filled coastal towns have it all – places to swim and picnic on the sand or shingle, as well as somewhere to get fish and chips and an ice-cream afterwards.

Getting ourselves “beach beautiful” ready for the summer was something many of us used to strive for.

We would worry about losing weight, looking tanned and finding just the right outfit so we could feel confident when dressed in nothing but a swimming costume.

Today, however, we are much more aware that there is no ideal beach body we should all be conforming to!

We all come in all sorts of beautiful shapes, sizes and weights – and, whether we are wrapped up in winter layers or splashing about in nothing but a bikini, it is all about being ourselves.

Before heading to a UK beach this summer, why not treat yourself to a swimming costume that you really like and feel confident about wearing?

Take an afternoon out to really browse online or in the shops – and if you are out and about don’t hesitate to ask about trying something on.

Shop assistants will often allow this, as long as you have clothing underneath.

If you are tall, petite, curvy or plus-size, go to a specialist outlet and ask the experts there for their advice. 

They have some exquisite items that are beautifully cut and will really show your shape off in all its glory.

Then, why not treat yourself to a few accessories?

A new sarong, beach wrap and sun hat could really boost your confidence – and why not throw in a pair of sandals too?

At Models Direct, we believe body positivity is often achieved in small steps and we know that many of those involved in both female modelling and male modelling have taken their time to get there too.

Walking out on to a beach can take a lot more confidence than many other activities but it is such a shame to miss out on all the pleasure it brings.

So, step out there feeling your very best self and as you are lying on the sand, with a cool drink and a good book, have a look around you.

No-one is special – we are all different and we are all beautiful in our many ways.

And the more body confidence we have, the more we will enjoy life and have the good times we deserve.