Diverse Modelling – What Makes You Unique?

Anyone who follows the fashion industry or takes notice of the world of advertising will see just how much change there has been in recent years when it comes to reflecting diversity.

Quite rightly, commercials, promotions, advertising campaigns and product packaging are now much more likely to be attempting to reflect the very people they are hoping to attract.

At Models Direct, we have always made equality a priority and been keen to ensure we have a sizeable spectrum of models on our books: people of all ages, sizes, looks and ethnicities.

And now we are thrilled to see that many more of our clients are coming forward to request individuals from us who are truly unique, giving us even more opportunity to put them forward.

Diverse modelling encompasses a range of beautiful and talented people, including those of all races and sexualities, and with disabilities.

Our models can identify as any gender or they can be gender nonconforming.

They can have all sorts of different appearances, including those not typically and historically associated with modelling.

These days clients want model diversity – those who are interesting, engaging and enticing; people we will notice on television or online and quite possibly identify with.

And for those keen to break into the world of modelling, this is, of course, good to hear.

It means the possibilities for work and the opportunities for building a career are so much greater.

Many of these people may well have not considered themselves as potential models, but anyone who thinks they might enjoy it, should perhaps pause and give it some thought.

So, here are a few questions to ask yourself if the idea of modelling has sparked some interest:

1. What makes me the person I am as an individual?

2. Am I proud of my heritage and the race or mixed race I identify with?

3. Is there anything about my appearance that stands out and makes me unique?

4. Would I feel comfortable taking part in a commercial, shoot or promotion?

5. Do I believe that age and disability should not be barrier to modelling?

6. Do I believe gender and sexuality should not hinder my progress as a model?

7. Would I find modelling a positive and enjoyable experience?

8. Am I someone who is organised, reliable and professional in my work?

9. Would I like to earn some extra money?

10.  Would I like to try something new?

Take some time considering these questions and you should end up with an idea of whether or not modelling could be for you.

All modelling these days is diverse modelling and at Models Direct we want to hear from you if you think you are someone who could be part of this increasingly inclusive industry.