Self promotion – why do it?

Self promotion can be awkward, can’t it?

There’s often a fine line between admiring one’s talents and coming across as conceited. What someone finds confident can be considered arrogant by another. There’s nothing wrong with being confident, although overdoing self promotion can have the opposite effect. Awkward? Yes – it can be, but it could also pay dividends. Self promotion on social media sites is largely accepted, and it’s also incredibly easy once accounts have been set up. And if lots of people are doing it, what is the harm in a little self promotion?

True, there isn’t any harm in self endorsement. Though we’re a top modelling agency, we can’t ignore the fact that some models opt for self promotion on social media sites to raise their profile, in the hope that their talents will be noticed by brands searching for fresh modelling talent. That’s fine, but it’s no substitute for a professional agency!

Let’s take a brief look at the pros and cons of self promotion on social media. They may not be as obvious as some people think!


1. For tech-savvy models, social media self promotion is free, easy and quick. Using the big hitters as an example (think Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), a photo or post can take seconds to upload, and it could reach a large audience (depending on how many lovely people are your “followers”.)

2. It gives models the chance to stand out – in their own words – and get noticed.

3. It’s also convenient. If a model has just forgotten to post a photo (say, if they’re on public transport), they have the chance to upload within minutes wherever they are.  

4. Brands can use social media to let models come to them.


1. Too much self promotion can be regarded as overkill, thus losing the desired impact.

2. Do you take criticism well? Self promoting on social media means there’s always someone out there willing to post unsavoury or even nasty comments. Self promoters should have thick skins!

3. Posting anything online makes an individual more susceptible to scams.

4. One slip-up on social media – be it misinformation, misinterpretation, inaccurate photos or even simply bad grammar – can result in fewer followers. 

Our team here at Models Direct are not averse to social media – in fact, we love it! But it has to work to an individual’s advantage, and this is the main reason why social media self promotion should be in small doses.

For a model, there’s really no substitute for a progressive, reputable agency. Models can self promote, but there are pitfalls, as mentioned above. A good agency will do everything in their power to book models on enjoyable modelling assignments, and they have a solid list of clients looking to promote their business with models. Without contacts, models are at a major disadvantage. A good agency is also industry accredited, and gives the model every opportunity to progress. An agency will look after fees, and make sure the model has all the necessary information before embarking on their modelling jobs.

Self promotion? By all means explore this avenue, but remember why quality agencies have been in business for years. They know what they’re doing, and can provide the best advice to all kinds of models. There’s no comparison!

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See – we really do value social media! But for models looking to progress, an agency is usually the difference between working on well-paid, secure jobs and being misled by scams.

Stay safe out there in Social Media Land!