Freshen up February – top tips for models and would-be models seeking a boost this season

It has been a long winter and it is still tempting to hunker down and hide away from the world until the sun really starts to shine.

But come on models and would-be models, this is the perfect time of year to dig deep and make the most of Freshen Up February!

Yes, Freshen Up February is when we can consider refreshing certain areas of our lives with a few gentle changes here and there that might make all the difference.

For example…

*Models, consider freshening up your e-portfolios:

Yes, we know we are always banging on about this, but adding new photos and making sure your information is all correct can make all the difference when it comes to showing you are suitable and available for work. Get out and about on one of the final fine, crisp February days and take some lovely new modelling shots!

*Freshen up your wardrobe:

Grab a friend or relative and let them help you to go through your wardrobe and drawers. Discard, recycle or give to charity anything you no longer wear. Try selling items online too. Then scan the apps, click through the bargain sites and browse second-hand and charity shops to see if you can find some bright, spring-like items with which to create some fresh new looks.

*Freshen up your make up:

With winter on the way to being behind us, think about spicing up your make up with some lighter, brighter colours and shades. Opt for pastel pinks, blues and yellows in nail varnish and choose lighter tones for lips and eyes. See if you can lift your look ready for the arrival of the new season. Think about giving yourself a full facial in addition to your usual skincare regime.

*Freshen up your hairstyle:

There really is nothing like a new hairstyle to make you feel fresher and ready to face the world. Come on, even a trim makes a difference! But if you fancy something a little more exciting, then maybe now is the time to be bold. Opt for that completely new colour or cut you have been hankering after. Or at least try styling your hair in a different way at home. It really will help you to feel like a completely new person!