​​Fresh and Fabulous – Spring Makeup Looks

Let’s get ready to celebrate the joys of modelling in springtime by freshening up the contents of our makeup bags or trying out some eye-catching new looks with items we already have.

So, what are the trends for spring?

What’s hot in the world of makeup and what glamorous touches should we be trying out?


Yes, it’s time to get into contouring those cheeks again. This spring, bring out your cheekbones and enhance your face shape. Choose a blusher that offers some colour, but is also suitable for your skin tone. Resist the temptation to overdo it when brushing it on.


Luscious lips are all the rage this spring. Even if everything else on your face is pared back or completely natural then be brave with your lipstick. Gorgeous cherry reds, bold magentas and heavy raspberries can set off absolutely anything else you are wearing and totally lead your spring look. Lip liner is also back, create a frame with your pencil and then fill it with a light, natural shade.


Strong colour is still with us and you can afford to be bold with those fresh, spring greens, deep pinks and beautiful blues. The truly daring among you could enhance your look further with a few sparkly face jewels. Bold eyeliner is also back. For a particularly strong look, go for flicks and wings. Liquid eye-liners can work best for this. Those who are especially confident this season might want to try this with a coloured liner in one of those super spring shades.

*Shimmer and shine

Top off any look with a good helping of shimmer and shine. Body glitter is back, look for a natural, plastic-free version to help protect the planet. To really dazzle, work a generous helping on to your upper eyelids. Make sure you choose a good face glue. Also, try a little shimmer powder on your cheeks and collarbones for an evening out, after all, this is your chance to shine! Go for some bronze on your eyelids too and for a special occasion, work this into a smoky eye look.

Dont forget to take pics of the results, we love seeing updated modelling photos!