Female models

We’ve placed thousands of female models over the years in all sorts of modelling jobs: from live TV to stage performances, promotional shoots to catalogue appearances, and close up photo shoots (eyes, hands, feet, hair etc) to assignments abroad. You name it, and our female models have done it!

When many of us think of models, they invariably turn their thoughts to the ladies. This isn’t surprising, because as genders go, they are the most stereotypical type of model. Though we have a solid balance of female : male models of all ages on our books, female models continue to be as popular with our clients as they’ve been for the past 40 years or so.

This year looks set to be another one packed with new clients on board, and our mainstay brands increasing their advertising output by recruiting new modelling talents. It’s the perfect time for new female models to join us in creating the best commercial modelling campaigns in the country. In which other industry can talented individuals pick and choose which jobs they want when they’ve been selected? We can’t think of many (or any, come to think about it!)

As the Christmas festivities have died down and the decorations put away for another year, now is the time to turn your attention to how you can earn good money working with professionals for some of the most famous brand names around. It has to be modelling, doesn’t it?
Several new female models have asked us three questions to shed a little more light on proceedings. Being inquisitive shows genuine interest, so it’s our pleasure to answer these for you. Let’s get started:

What is a female model?
Cast aside visions of catwalks, please! Commercial modelling is totally different to high-end fashion modelling. When selected by our clients, our female models take part in all sorts of modelling assignments for a diverse range of brands and businesses. The jobs can be for any number of clients: no-profit organisations, health care, big businesses such as banks, supermarkets and other retail chains, hospitality companies, smaller clothing brands…the list goes on. Our female models usually in assignments that appeal to real people, not tempting buyers by wearing catwalk clothes.
We usually class female models as between the ages of 18 – 40, as teens, child and mature models are before and after this age range respectively.

What are the four types of model?
There are many “sub-types” or “sub-genres” of female modelling, including: petite, plus-size, mature, tall, fitness etc, and, although we don’t restrict any model’s looks or talents, our industry has the following four main types of female commercial model: “classic”, “real people”, “photogenic” and “promotional”. These generally cover the most modelling vacancies as set out by our clients, but like we say, there are many more types of female to appeal to most of you out there!

How tall is a female model?
Ahh…we’re not falling for that one! There is no answer for this, as there isn’t a desirable height for female commercial models. Sure, if you’re over 5 feet 8 inches in height you may be classed as a “tall model”, and if you’re between 5 feet and 5 feet 8 inches (or thereabouts) you may be categorised as a “petite model”, but females of any height are required by our clients.

If you’re a female of any weight, height or location in the UK and you’ve always wanted to be a model, we’re your very best chance at making it come a reality. Apply and and we’ll see what talent you can bring to the female modelling party!