Plus size modelling

Are a lot of models the dreaded “zero size”?


Some are, as we know all too well, but they’re usually seen on high fashion catwalks or in expensive, glossy magazines. We say fair play to them, because they have talent and have a place in the modelling world.

However, the majority of models around the world are just as talented and some are even just as prolific, as some of them have starred in a similar number of model bookings.

We concentrate on commercial modelling, which is those that are real people just like everybody reading this blog. We provide modelling talent to businesses and brands that really need them, and plus size models are some of our most requested talent. Male and female plus size models are a vital element for our clients and us, and they’ve been revelling in countless modelling jobs for several years. In fact, the demand for plus size models across all areas of the UK has increased so much we need even more!

And there’s no reason why you couldn’t be our next plus size star – just like Neri, who is size 20 and earned over £4,000 starring in TV shopping channel Ideal World. Who’d have thought it? Neri did, because she knew the demand and backed her talents – and so should you.

Let’s look at four common questions we get asked by potential plus size models eager to gain more knowledge of our fabulous industry:

“How do you get to be a plus size model?”
Firstly, you need the dedication, drive and the belief that there are companies out there that need your talent (there are – no question – but you still need to have the enthusiasm and commitment to do well).
Secondly, you need to know the right people to put you forward to…well, the right people. That’s where Models Direct comes into play, so once you’ve registered, leave it with us and we’ll have a look at what you can offer!

“How much do they make?”
Plus size models are in demand. We can’t put a finger on a precise modelling fee because, as we’re sure you’ll understand, our clients have different advertising budgets. However, we’ll stick our necks out and say it could be anything from £50 to £500+ for just one assignment, which is often a days’ work.

“Is it hard to be a plus size model?”
Modelling work is as hard as a model makes it, and we don’t say it’s any harder for a plus size model than any other model. If selected for an assignment, we make it as easy as possible for ALL our models by giving them all the necessary job and travel details, follow-up calls and we are available to contact during office hours every working day. Our booking team are famous in the industry for being so efficient!

“Can you be a model if you’re overweight?”
Yes! “Overweight” is not a word that discourages forward-thinking models, and invariably serves as the opposite – to drive them on to star in some of our client’s campaigns. So go for it! Have a peek for some of our plus size model’s experiences: