Male models

Who wouldn’t want to be a male model?

There’s quite a bit of categorisation when it comes to male modelling, and we’re here to put things right!

Male models can and do feature on glossy magazine covers, and some sell expensive aftershaves on TV. Though some are already big names in their own right (film stars, anyone?), it’s a model’s looks and reputation that sells.

This is all well and good, but most male models are not well-known. The world of commercial modelling is big business, and most everyday brands choose amateur or at least semi-professional models – which is great news for the countless number of talented males around the UK with high hopes of becoming a model. It can be done – trust us – because it has been done before by hundreds of our male models.

“How do I get into male modelling?” we hear you ask. It’s a good question, but an easy one to answer. You COULD approach companies directly – no one’s stopping you – but the success rate is so poor it’s really not bothering with. The simplest way to increase your chances of being seen by brands is by registering with a modelling agency: a genuine agency with real staff and a legitimate list of clients who approach them, not vice versa.

And we just happen to be the biggest and best around. Register your interest with us, and we’ll see what you have.

Another question males might be asking is, “Who is the most famous male model?” Well, we’re all for the likes of David Gandy and plus size model Zach Miko’s success, but commercial modelling is not for the high-fashion catwalks. It’s about gaining the right contacts for everyday males to be seen by brands looking for new talent to work on their advertising and promotional assignments. And that means men like you (are YOU famous?)

“Who was the highest paid male model in 2022?” a lot of males want to know. Without dipping into their bank accounts, the best source for fame & fortune is Forbes, who in September 2022 listed the aforementioned Brit model David Gandy as the “World’s Highest Paid Supermodel”. Fair play to the lad!

The last question we’ll mention is, “What is the work of a male model?” In short, it’s exciting, worthwhile and is paid better than most jobs! Our clients come to us with a brief (e.g. Male model 25 – 35 years, medium build, needed to star in a retail catalogue photo shoot. Midlands area.”), and it’s our job to put forward suitable models on books to our client. If that model is picked (and it’s their decision to accept the job!), we prepare all the booking details and keep the successful model(s) informed from the initial booking right through to the end of the modelling job.

A lot of male models work with professional photographers and marketing experts to create shots or short films to help them with their publicity. The work could be on a “neutral” set or in a studio, or it could be at their place of work (e.g. their head office), or even “live” on the streets or on a beach! Plenty of our models also work with other models, creating friendships. Exciting or what?

Personality and enthusiasm are the most important facets a male model can have, and modelling experience is not needed! What’s not to love?

Check out some success stories from some of our male models – complete with their individual modelling fees!

2023 could be your year to say to you family and friends, “Guess what? I’m a model!” We look forward to hearing from you.