Teens – fast changing looks and heights

Nothing influences a change in our appearance more than good old fashioned Mother Nature. We all go through physical and mental transitions at some stage in our lives, which are seen most acutely in the teenage years. With hormones whizzing around the body like a biological pinball machine, it’s no wonder that being a teenager can be a rollercoaster ride. But it can also be an exciting learning curve, with lifetime opportunities to be planned and, hopefully, fulfilled.

Models like to experiment with their looks. You don’t have to be at the cutting edge of fashion trends 24/7, but it’s always a good idea to at least be aware of popular styles. Having your eyes peeled and your ears pinned to the ground pays off; for teenagers in particular, social media channels might be the preferred choice for keeping up-to-date with all things fashion-related. As you should know, we’re great advocates of broadcasting model’s strengths to a wide audience, so check out our YouTube channel and TikTok. They’re sure to get your juices flowing!


A teenager’s development can be rapid, so perhaps social media is the ideal way to portray a change in looks. We’re all familiar with the customary “growth spurt” associated with the 13-18 year bracket. However, if we don’t have current photos to peruse from a model’s portfolio, we can’t put forward a model’s present-day looks to our clients. This is why we’re always advising models of all ages to keep their ePortfolios as up-to-date as possible.

Teenage years can be a source of both unbridled joy and uncertainty. It’s a time of cementing close bonds of friendship, a time of experimenting, and to looking forward to adulthood (although for younger teens it’s too early to think about growing up just yet!). What’s never too early is taking pride in personal achievements, and striving to improve in all aspects of life. A little progress here and a little moving in the right direction there can be the basis for teens of a successful adult life. We know our models have talent – that’s why they’re on our books! – but no one’s flawless, and we urge every model to do all they can to hone their skills…both on assignment and in their daily routines.

Teens can take consolation in the fact that (even) adults have doubts and look for ways of improvement. Find inspiration by reading a couple of our brilliant blogs below:
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Our client’s requests can change just as often as a teen’s looks. If you’re lucky enough to be a teenager, we urge you to make sure your sparkling looks are up-to-date in your ePortfolio.

Have you put on a couple of inches in height, or experimented with a new hairstyle? Perhaps you’ve taken up a new sport and look glorious in a sports kit. If there are any changes you think we’d like to know about, don’t ignore them – tell us! If you have any quirky characteristics, great! But don’t forget to sing them from the modelling rooftops! Use your hormones to your advantage!

Plus-size teenagers, petite teens, lads and lasses…if you want to be as successful as you can be being a commercial model, we’d like to hear from you – either as a newcomer, or by looking at your new photos. Interested in modelling? please note that an adult (18 years or older) needs to apply on a teenager’s behalf.

Being a teenager is wonderful; the thrill of the unknown, the friendships, the changes in styles…it all adds to the excitement of this most unique of chapters in a teen’s life. Embrace it, and don’t waste it!