Check out MD on Tik Tok

For six years now, Tik Tok has been a source of entertainment and knowledge for billions of people all around the world. From life hacks to nifty practical guides, and from would-be singers looking to be the next “big thing” to plain crazy antics, Tik Tok has snowballed into a social media enfant terrible in a relatively short space of time. And guess what? Models Direct are on it! Check us out

Tik Tok’s ingenuity, like many sensations, lies in its simplicity. It became available globally two years since its inception, in 2018. Users upload short video clips, keeping attention levels to a premium. Money can be made on Tik Tok, too, such as partnering with businesses or selling directly via the platform (Tik Tok probably take a cut, of course!). But for billions of users, it’s merely a platform to browse through brief video clips. Which is all good! The more followers a user accrues, the more money can be earned as “influencers”.

But for the sake of letting you know about our presence on Tik Tok, we’ll stick to its benefits without any mention of money. Whether you already have the app or have it installed on your desktop (or just casually check in with it whenever the urge grabs you), we recommend all models to have a look
It’s another way for us to connect with more people interested in our industry – or, more specifically, our business.

We’ve posted many short video clips well worth viewing to give a broader idea of what happens on assignments, as well as how we work and what other models have to say upon completion of a job well done. You’ll find honest feedback from the ones that matter (you – the models!), as well as campaigns starring our models picked by our clients – including an enviable assignment in Majorca for Just You, a top travel company for solo adventurers (this example hammers home that we’re not just experts at giving our models jobs in every corner of the UK…we like to spread our modelling wings a little wider than that!)

We also upload quick message boards and blogs, and behind-the-scene clips. Oh, and you’ll also find a cheeky 14-second video clip inside our Head Office in Norwich (we made sure our hard-working team weren’t on an extended tea break!)

The best way you can use our Tik Tok account is to follow us, and then “like” any clip that tickles your fancy. And by all means get in touch to let us know what you think would make great uploads for the rest of our models – and a wider audience. There is no limit to what we can upload on Tik Tok (other than the clips’ duration), and we’re open to any suggestions!

Let’s use Tik Tok to grow together and reach more interesting and talented people. Additionally, let’s make 2023 the best year for you, our modelling fraternity and our clients – and Tik Tok can really be a huge part of all our success!