Celebrating Curves at Models Direct

Did you that you don’t have to be a size zero to make it as a model? If you’re a size 14 or above, you can show off your curves in front of the camera

Models Direct embrace people of all shapes and sizes. Many different types of body shapes define all the varieties of the population. And whether you see yourself as a certain body type or not, you could be on your way to modelling stardom if you’re part of the diverse plus size category. 

The modelling industry is calling out plus size models and not just a shout out here and there but rather a permanent fixture! 

As a great example to prove this, the fashion world is continually evolving and this niche market has become the X factor when it comes to demonstrating style beyond a dress size. 

Size restrictions don’t apply when it comes to modelling

Models Direct is direct in our approach. We’re part of the plus-size revolution and want to break down the barriers that have been created around body image. Something that’s been so engrained throughout body image history – having the perfect, slim and toned body whichever gender you define yourself as – is not the case any longer. So, why not go for it and join the revolution? Become a plus size model today by joining our agency? Still unsure? Read on to find out more. 

Rock your plus-size status

If you’re still reading this page, great! Now we’ll divulge and take you further into how the plus-size modelling scene is trending.

Currently, this market has been funnelled into many campaigns across social media, TV, advertising, promotional work and other interesting marketing ventures. Plus size modelling is hot off the press with lots of fashion retailers such as Next, ASOS and M&S taking this market onto the next level.

What’s more, curvy models have been showing us how it’s done on Instagram such as Jada Sezer, Simone Charles, Sonny Turner and Saffi Karina. They’re all great examples to get some modelling inspiration from. They’re all curvy, gorgeous and confident models dominating social media with their unique style, boldness and vocal body shaming statements. 

Showcase your talent with our agency

Have we got you thinking? You could find yourself fitting into this industry niche perfectly.

Register with our modelling agency and make it happen. All you have to do is fill in your details and send our model savvy team two images of yourself in front of a white background and hit the submit button. We’ll then move onto reviewing your application and will be in touch whenever your look is called for by one of our clients.