Maintaining a good body care routine

Apart from a dazzling new hairdo, your skin is often the first feature people notice. It’s almost impossible to cover up every inch of skin, and if yours is near-flawless, why would you want to? Models should be confident enough to let their natural appearance do the talking. And even if some people perceive some physical characteristics as flaws, we think the opposite – as do our clients. That’s why we have modelling opportunities for everyone.

Skin is our largest organ. It is capable of natural regeneration, and consists of several layers – all of which contribute to its physical functions. Human skin has a surface area of roughly 2 square metres (un-stretched), and it’s a vital organ for our wellbeing.

Keeping skin healthy is paramount. Maintaining a good body care routine can be exactly that – a routine. Taking regular steps will ensure your body remains in tip-top shape, and can help secure more modelling work.  

We often neglect our skin. Here are Models Direct’s steps to keep your body’s appearance at its most glorious. Remember – good body care starts by caring about your body.   

  • Diet – before thinking about any sanitary procedures, good body care starts with what you put inside your body. Fresh vegetables, fruit and water are the basics for radiant skin. Combining these with oily fish and proteins will get your routine off to the best start.
  • Showering – a fundamental habit, for sure, but think about the products you use. Some contain abrasives or harsh synthetics that can damage skin. Instead, opt for natural soaps and use them sparingly.
  • Moisturisers – these work by trapping water in-between layers of skin, increasing hydration and reducing dryness. Many contain essential vitamins – as with all products before purchasing, read application instructions and make a note of ingredients.   
  • Shaving – pay particular attention, gents. Wet the face with warm water to soften facial hair. Shave in the direction the hair grows, and rinse the razor blade after each stroke. Tap-dry with a clean towel, and store your razor in a dry place; leaving it in a steamy bathroom open to the elements is not recommended. Try aftershaves containing no alcohol, as this tends to dry skin.
  • Exfoliate – there are many products on the market, so feel free to try different brands. However, removing dead skin cells more naturally by using a wet sponge or soft brush is very effective. Alternatively, try baking soda mixed with warm water, or even oatmeal.     
  • Protection – if you’re lucky enough to be somewhere sunny, it’s vital to protect skin with an effective sun block. SP factors of 15 and above are recommended. This simple procedure can help reduce the ageing process and, of course, stop soreness from sunburn.
  • Rest – don’t skimp on a little R&R, and make sure your natural sleep patterns are consistent. Not getting enough sleep can be detrimental to your skin’s physiology.
  • Less stress – yes, our lifestyle may be more chaotic, but reducing stress levels by just a little will work wonders for your skin. Don’t forget to have daily doses of “me time”. Try reading more, using social media platforms less frequently, and catching up with loyal friends.   
  • Vitamins / boosters – again, there are plenty on the market. Though improving skin by natural methods is always preferable, we won’t blame models for trying some of these wonder products. That said, always opt for products with a high percentage of natural ingredients.

Models with a less than perfect body care routine can always excel in our assignments. However, altering your habits could be the difference between being recommended for a job and being offered one.