Noticed something slightly different? It’s our awesome new website!

Yes, we’ve decided to shake things up a little here at Models Direct and have opted for a complete revamp of our website.

Bright colours, helpful information and the kind of content that really interests and engages you – those are our aims!

You probably know by now that we have been in the business of managing models for over 30 years

But while we pride ourselves on our longevity we also like to move with the times!

Not only does our awesome new website have a completely new look, but we have also been freshening up our readable content with the aim of being clear, contemporary and useful.

We want to ensure that everyone browsing through our pages has a good understanding of what we offer and how we work.

We want them to have realistic expectations about what they might achieve as a model while also still giving themselves the opportunity to enjoy exciting, new experiences.

Having worked with national and international clients for over three decades, we have a deep understanding of the world of modelling and we want to share that with all those who have an interest.

We also want to ensure our website remains an excellent source of information, with useful tips, suggestions and advice for our models and anyone out there who may be considering joining us.

We still want to showcase the amazing assignments our models complete for both major names and lesser-known brands every day – and we are still eager for you to hear all about working for Models Direct from the mouths of those complete assignments for us.

Reviews from models of all types who have worked with us are worth their weight in gold to us as the employment agency and to you, the person eager to find out more about how it all really works.

Our aim was also to ensure our website remains user-friendly and easy to navigate round – we want to make it simple for you to hop between the different sections that entice you.

We still want you to be able to follow our news, read our latest blogs and connect easily with our many social media platforms.

Models Direct exists for its models and its clients.

We help those mounting advertising campaigns and promotions to find just the right people to step out in front of the camera for them.

And we actively seek work for the wonderful variety of models we have on our books.

Our awesome new website is a key tool in helping us achieve all of this – and we hope you like it as much as we do!