Everyday Modelling Jobs

Not all modelling jobs entail showcasing high-end fashion and famous fashion week catwalks with world coverage (and eyes on you). There are modelling jobs out there that can carry powerful messages and weight that everyday regular people can be cast for. These are everyday modelling jobs.

This blog will give you an insight into what this means and how the modelling standards have dropped and mean quite literally nothing when it comes to entering this niche of the modelling profession.

What are everyday modelling jobs?

You see the ads on TV, print and digital, even the ones outside on billboards, at bus stops, in train stations, at dentists, in doctors surgeries, at your local shopping centres, well, you’re more often than not going to see people. Whether they’re laughing, smiling, looking serious, angry, upset, or hurt, most will look like you and me – normal, regular peeps, who are marketing products and services that will be useful to you and me.

Everyday modelling jobs aren’t a new thing, but they’re not old either. Since the industry’s creation, it was indeed a cutthroat, competitive environment to be involved in. But through time, things have evolved and look different (good different not bad different, don’t worry!)

The number of people being called for modelling work has expanded to regular people – no drawn-in cheekbones, sharp features and super skinny bodies. Instead, there are no restrictions on experience, age, gender, size, race, and ethnicity which makes it such an appealing modelling division to be part of.

If you’re looking to join an agency, here are a few points to consider in this or any modelling division:

You’ll need to have a positive attitude and be professional

You’ll need to be reliable and have good time-management skills

You’ll need to be comfy in front of the camera

You’ll need to be able to take direction well

A bit about our agency

We’re always aiming to shape the future of the modelling business with our dynamic team, our passion for staying ahead of trends, and encompassing everyone in our books. Models Direct is welcoming, supportive, and inclusive and provides a safe place where everybody can be themselves as part of our vibrant and diverse community.