Mature thinking – becoming a model later in life

There are so many wonderful things to look forward to as we become older – more time to ourselves, a slower pace of life and indulging in pastimes that make us happy and fulfilled.

But have you ever considered adding modelling to the list?

Many of those who work for Models Direct fall into the mature or senior models category: models who are male, female and from an incredible range of backgrounds.

Indeed, there is high demand today for older models to take part in all sorts of assignments, from commercial projects and campaigns to lifestyle shoots and film and television work.

Household names not only want to aim some brands specifically at more mature customers but, in many cases, they want them to appeal to people across the board – consumers of all ages.

The world of advertising has woken up to the reality that those who purchase products are of all ages and that the grey pound has a vital part to play in keeping many businesses afloat.

But what is there to be gained by the mature models themselves?

Well, this is what some of those who have worked for us have suggested

Changing direction

After many years of perhaps doing the same job or raising a family, taking on a little modelling gives our mature models the chance to experience something completely different.

Learning new skills

It is important to keep busy and active as we get older – and part of that is ensuring we keep learning. Older models tell us they enjoy finding out about the modelling world and learning how to become part of it.

Earning money

We all enjoy having a little extra in our bank accounts and our older models are no exception. They like being able to treat their children and their grandchildren, as well as themselves. Many of them put their earnings towards holidays and weekends away.

Meeting new people

One of the great attractions of becoming a model is the different people you get to meet and work with. Our older models tell us find like-minded people on assignments, as well as others they wouldn’t normally get to meet in their daily lives – and they all love having that diverse interaction.

Having fun

This is perhaps the most important of all! Modelling can be such an enjoyable pastime and our mature models enjoy it just as much as those who are younger.

One of our models, Gavin, for example, has taken part in assignments for Sky Sports and Newbury Racecourse.

Afterwards, he reported back to us:

“Great fun today at my photo shoot for Newbury Racecourse arranged by Models Direct. Molly let me know of everything I needed to bring in advance and the shoot went really well. We were a wedding party to promote the course wedding events and we posed on the track, in the stands and in the function room. Great company from the other models, super client who knew exactly what they were looking for and made the whole shoot very relaxed. Really good day and I look forward to the next one!”

While, Rosemary was involved in a shoot for Transport for London and said:

“Models Direct have given me another lovely job. I had a brilliant day on location. Everyone was so nice, and we were treated so well. Thank you Models Direct.”

And Marilyn, who did an assignment for Invacare, stated:

“Thank you Models Direct, what a lovely client and great crew. We had an excellent shoot, with lots of laughter and fun and hard work of course. My co-model and I just clicked and enjoyed a magical chemistry. Thank you so much for the opportunity.”

Ian and Julie took part in a shoot for Aviva:

“I would firstly like to highly recommend Models Direct. They are such a professional company to work for. I was involved in a photo shoot yesterday and I would like to thank the production cast for all the help and advice!” said Ian.

And Julie added: “I would definitely recommend Models Direct as they are friendly and professional agency. My most recent assignment was yesterday: it was great fun and the production team were brilliant.”

If you fancy trying something new a little later in life, why not send your details to Models Direct to see if we can find an assignment to suit you?