How does our bookings team work?

Blogging from a client’s perspective

As one of the most trusted modelling agencies in the land, we know our models very well. Choosing the right model for a particular assignment is crucial to everyone’s needs: our models, us, and our clients. For the success of everyone, it’s sometimes needed to portray a little transparency to give an idea of what happens “behind the scenes”. With this in mind, this blog focuses on the committed Models Direct bookings team, and what happens in the office from our client’s perspective. It’ll come as no surprise that it’s not as easy as “client requires model, we supply model…job done”. Oh no. Well, where’s the fun in that?

To break tradition, let’s start off with a quick summary of our bookings team. We have several members of staff who love working for us – obviously! These are some of the benefits of working for such a vibrant modelling agency in the bookings team:

  • Diverse, enjoyable work.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Fantastic camaraderie and teamwork.
  • Opportunities to build relationships with both models and clients.
  • Seeing a booking through from start to end – and viewing the feedback.  
  • Chance to have a good (but productive) natter!

If you’re a company looking for models, you’ll probably know by now that our staff adore working for Models Direct. However, let’s shed some light on what specifically occurs when a client comes to us searching for the perfect models.   

We won’t mention the particular client, but we can reveal their criteria from which we selected the ideal candidates for the assignment – a suitable selection of models and talent was put forward as acting ability was needed too. As it was a recent request, the campaign was influenced by COVID restrictions. More accurately, COVID restrictions were key to the campaign’s theme.

What was asked of us:

  • Provide 10 models to feature in a promotion video highlighting which everyday social activities are currently not allowed. The criteria was as following:
  • A family of four – two adults and two young children. They would be required to film during the whole day.
  • One adult (of either sex), and one young child.
  • Two female and two male adults (ideally, between 20-40 years of age).
  • Models to be of different ages, ethnicity and backgrounds.
  • Each model is required for a minimum of four hours. This is because filming will be staggered to adhere to social distancing.

When organising talent for an assignment on any scale, communication is key! Our bookings team make sure they brief every selected model fully with all the details they need and that they are comfortble and happy with all arrangements.

What made it to the final cut of their video:

  1. A bemused (and grumpy!) child sitting alone on a see-saw with their end on the ground, the opposite end of the see-saw high in the air. Where was the other see-saw rider? Nowhere to be seen, as this was prohibited by government guidelines.
  2. A nationally craved activity: high-fiving a friend in a pub to celebrate a footie goal on TV. Except…yep, our two models couldn’t have contact with each other (or even get too close!).
  3. A child offering a sweet to another in a park – only for the child’s parent to swipe the sweet bag to the ground. It’s tough – and perhaps children won’t understand the reasoning – but it’s effectively realistic.
  4. Two people throwing a ball to each other in a park. Simple, eh? Yes, but when hand sanitising is involved between each catch, it again demonstrates the hindrance in normal activities due to COVID.
  5. A drink nudged to an exasperated customer by the use of an umbrella. Well, it’s “social distancing” without the “social”!
  6. And the finale – a family of four sharing a delicious meal, because that’s certainly allowed and proves that some things can still be enjoyed legally.

The promotion video can be viewed below:

Our team values feedback from our models and clients, and they often send out specific questionnaires. Here are our client’s responses to our questions after the assignment:

Models Direct: How was your talent booker – friendly, efficient, quick?

Client: Fantastic – very proactive and helpful. Working in PR, there are a lot of different moving parts and multiple clients/projects that we’re working on at the same time and it was great that Charlie was so proactive and “on it” from the start; we could just leave it in her capable hands without worrying.

Models Direct: How did the assignment go on the day?

Client: The assignment went as well as we could have hoped for.

Models Direct: How did our talent(s) perform – did they do a great job?

Client: Everyone performed well on the day and were enthusiastic to get stuck in and do what was asked (despite some fairly strange requests).

Models Direct: Are there any changes you would like to see?

Client: Not particularly – we don’t have any complaints so there seems no reason to make any changes.

Models Direct: Would you use us again? If so, why?

Client: Definitely – we need to form partnerships that make our job and the process easier and Charlie certainly did that. We’ll 100% come to you again and continue to do so if we receive the same level of service each time.

The above client feedback speaks for itself. Our bookings team takes each assignment as a personal challenge, eager to provide the right models in line with each talent booking, and to see through the process from commencement to end-of-assignment evaluation.

Our bookings team pride themselves on professionalism and their industry reputation, as laid out in their promises to our clients:

  • We do our very best to find the people for our clients.
  • We do everything we can to meet client’s timescales, regardless of special requests.
  • We keep our rates as competitive as possible.
  • We brief our models, making sure they are equipped with all the necessary information so the day runs smoothly.
  • We communicate with the client after the assignment.
  • We appreciate that some problems may arise, and these are resolved as quickly and effectively as possible.

All this adds up to an extremely friendly, efficient bookings team – one of the reasons why Models Direct has been on the top of our game since 1990! We’ll continue to do what we do best, and to help our clients and models through 2021 and for many years to come!

If you are a brand or business looking to hire models for your next campaign or online content click here to speak to a member of our bookings team.